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6 Tips And Examples For Personalized Email Marketing

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06 Jan 2021

We live in a world of abundance of data and information at our fingertips, yet we still don’t make the most out of it.

It is reported that only 5% of companies use personalization, which is ridiculously shocking.

It is reported that 94% of the companies are aware of the benefits that can be achieved through personalized email marketing. Unfortunately, they don’t know how to personalize their emails in the best possible manner to harness maximum benefits.

Personalized email marketing might not be a piece of cake but it is neither as difficult as moving mountains. Here are some instantly applicable email personalization tips that will provide you astounding results in almost no time.

6 Tips For Personalized Email Marketing

1. Segment Your Customers

An effective way of personalization is to segment your customers into various groups according to their interests. The best way is to ask a few questions from the subscriber when they apply for the sign-up form.

To segment your customers, you must have the imperative information about your customers. Hence, what you can do is whenever an individual visits your website, there should be a set of questions ready to ask your subscribers in the sign-up form, this can help you gather the relevant information about your subscribers.

You can also try CBT Mass Email Senderfor easy segmentation. The software helps in categorizing subscribers based on their interest and response to various campaigns.

2. Create Quality Content

Quality over quantity – the key to success in marketing.

The first thing you need to ensure quality is a relaxed and creative mind. Marketers often over-burden themselves with countless tasks, especially when it comes to email marketing over-segmentation is a common issue which only troubles the marketers. Therefore, to create quality content you need to be relieved and ready to wholeheartedly take the task at hand. Keep things sorted and create a few major segments to entirely focus on them.

3. Use Automated Behavior Trigger Emails

Automated behavior trigger emails are the emails a company sends to its subscribers to remind them of its services. For instance, Patagonia sends reminder emails to their subscribers when they leave products in their cart. This type of email helps in increasing the engagement of the customers.

4. Link Emails To A Personalized Landing Page

It would be best if you always linked your email campaigns to landing pages related to the needs of the recipients. For instance, a music production company sends emails to their subscribers and links it to a landing page which features all the new songs released in recent times. The subscribers are directed to the landing pages when they click on the link. This results in increasing organic traffic to the website.

5. Give More Than A Name

When you send greeting emails to your recipients, you shouldn’t stop at the name rather try to give me more value like discounts, coupons, and offers. You can also take your chance to show gratefulness towards your subscribers for remaining loyal to your service. It will increase the possibility of getting your customers’ attention. Moreover, this can also be a way of connecting to your customers in a better way.

6. Don’t Let Your Customer Feel Insecure

Often when checking out products and services at a website an email pops up, stating, “We found you looking at __.”

The instant popping of such emails can make your customers feel like you’re invading their privacy. However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t send them emails, but give them some time to comfortably search for whatever they are looking for and then send them the emails.

6 Examples Of Personalized Email Marketing

1. Spotify

Spotify is one of the biggest music platforms. They have a huge amount of traffic and displays one of the best examples of personalized emails. They use phrases like “top listeners” in their emails, making the customers feel more valued. At the end of the email, they provide a call-to-action button encouraging the customers to click on it, which leads them to Spotify landing pages; this increases the amount of traffic on their website.

2. Amazon

Amazon is the most popular digital eCommerce store. When its users visit its website and search for a specific product, amazon sends them emails, listing the products related to what they have searched on amazon. This method shows a perfect example of using contact’s search behavior and sending them related products list, which encourages them to buy more from them.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the social media platform where people connect with others, mainly in search of jobs. When a user makes a LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn asks him several questions related to his expertise and skills. Later on, when there is a relevant job opening available for the user, it sends an email to inform him. LinkedIn segments its customers according to the data received from its users.

4. Twitter

If you are active on Twitter, you probably have noticed that Twitter sends you emails suggesting various profiles to follow that can be super relevant to you. Twitter has a lot of information about its users, which is benefits from sending targeted emails. If you are one of the companies that drives a lot of information, you must make the most out of it.

5. Hawaiian Airlines

On one of their user’s birthday, they send a personalized email wishing him for his birthday, and as a gift, they give him 500 bonus miles for a trip next year. What they have done is created a reward system for their users to make them feel good, and they probably know that those who have enrolled in Hawaiian airlines would revisit Hawaii. Hence, they provided an incentive to plan a trip.

6. Pinterest

It is an online social media platform that provides you with pins related to the selected topics. They send their users a minimal personalized email containing suggestions on different topics to view. Pinterest sends elegant yet interesting and eye-catching emails, which shows that a lot of people prefer professional and good-looking email personalization.

Wrap Up!

Personalized emails can significantly improve the results of your email marketing campaigns. Such emails stand out in the inbox as highly tailored and relevant content, which instantly grabs receivers’ attention, making them a significant aspect of email marketing. They can produce compelling results in your journey of email marketing. However, personalization of emails should not be valid only theoretically, but it must be implemented in the right direction to achieve maximum benefits.

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