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6 Email Personalization Techniques That Go Beyond A Name!

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06 Jan 2021

Even in today’s technologicallyadvanced era,the use ofpersonalization in emails isquite low by many businesses. Barely 5% of businesses are currently using this tool in their emails -not because marketers are ignorant of its significance, rather they don’t know the productive ways to utilize it.

Personalization in your email messagesis about incorporating your customer’s data and information, which makes them feel valuable!

Here are 3 rationales that enable personalization to bestow a business with amazing upshots;

Personalizing emails is more than using the name of your prospects in the subject line. Don’t worry! This writingis a key solution to your suspicion. Let us explore and learn about 6 email personalization techniques and how to implement them apart from using just a name.

1. Ask a Kosher Question!

A simple way of segmenting your audience is by asking straight forward questions, such as the reason to subscribe to your website, becoming a user, or a visitor. It will not only make them feel being cared for but also provide you beneficial data to structure targeted email messages.

For instance, a wedding specialist website, PaperStyle was confronting an uninspiring reaction to their emails from prospects. They after compliances came to know that not all users were visiting their site for a similar purpose but were receiving the same emails. To overcome this circumstance, they came up with a strategy to make their emails more personalized. They just asked a simple question; “what are you planning for?”, with two possible answers, your wedding or a friend’s or relative’s wedding. Based on customers answers they modified their emails for different targeted groups. People’s reaction to this personalized message was astonishing! Paperstyle’s open rates boosted by 244%. Hence, a simple and short question proved amazingly worthwhile.

2. Time Optimize Your Emails

Just the way television Ads have a prime time to grab more attention, likewise, your emails work more effectively when sent at a right time. Your users might admire receiving an email regarding the launch of a new product or the latest sale in the early morning. You can test A/B the optimum time to send a mail.

Moreover, your customers might not live in the same territory, thus the time zones may differ as per the location. In this scenario, your customer data can be useful to identify a decent time to send an email.

For instance, BustedTees were sending emails to all subscribers at the same time regardless of their location. They decided to segment their audience based on their time zones and their main mission was to send a mail at a reasonable and optimum time. The outcomes were compelling and they experienced an 11% rise in their click-through rates and 8% in their revenues.

3. Provoke Responses

These are automated reactions about how customers are using your product/service. They help you to communicate with prospects especially when having any difficulty in purchasing. Particularly, it can help you with abandoned cart emails. This personalized tactic in emails can be used for various reasons, like, welcome users, upsell products, etc.

Moreover, there are abundant tools which will help you to send out a triggered email, like you can endeavor CBT Mass Email Sender. Through this, you can segment your audience based on their choices, behavior, and browsing history and then serve them according to it.

4. Personify The Brand

Don’t hedgepersonalizing to just using and gathering client’s data. Personalize your brand by adding a human connection between your brand and your customers. This will not only help you know about your customers, but also make them feel like a family when shopping from you.

For instance, Hubspot tried a technique to get more personal for better customer engagement. They sent 2 emails;one from the company itself and the second from someone in the marketing team. The emails sent through the personal email recorded an enormous boost in the click-through rates, uplifting them from 0.73% to 0.96%.

Apart from sending an email from someone in your organization, you can also use an informal and chatty tone by using ‘I' and ‘WE' in your email messages.

5. Affix Your Landing Pages!

However, personalization can boost your open rates, but converting them into readers is the main goal. Hence, while sending emails to prospects as per their choices and recent purchases, make sure to add a link to your landing page, enabling them to easily approach you.

For instance, Nuffield Health wanted to expandits subscriptions hence they attached their landing pages to their personalized emails. They added a variation, by designing various landing pages for several personalized targeted emails directed towards each segment. It was proved by astonishing uplifts in conversion rates that people respond more effectively when a personalized message is sent along with a junction to reach you.

6. Coax An Action!

By putting in dates and time as the deadline is an effective tool for urgent action by customers. statements like; “Try this course within 10 days and get a free course” or placing the “Buy Now” tab in your email will entice your customers for immediate action.

These limited-time offers will strengthen customer engagement and encourage them to make purchases or take other favorable actions for your brand.

Final Thoughts!

If you want your customers to keep purchasing and increase conversions, then solely sending a named personalized catchword is not adequate! Using the other techniques, we have discussed in the article above will help you improve ROI manifolds. However, if you do not want to go through all these efforts and directly jump to extraordinary outcome to your email marketing campaigns, try out CBT Mass Email Sender -the most efficient email marketing software in the market. It will personalize your emails in minutes, providing you with a highly engaging content for your email body.

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