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6 Email Marketing Hacks To Increase Your Click-Through Rates and Boost Sales

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07 Jan 2021

“Marketing strategy is something how we play and win in the market, tactics are how we then deliver that strategy and execute for success”-Mark Ritson

Not everyone would feel the essence of this phrase but if you are a true marketer you can surely relate to this. Everyone has a specific goal to achieve something and strong strategies provide you a pathway –such as a marketing strategy.

Email Marketing is one of the most antiquated yet an excellent and productive way to communicate with the customers and sell your particular product or service to them with your persuading power. Email Marketing has been helping us for decades when it was not even itself recognized as a marketing platform. Apart from it being so old, email marketing has a huge public preference in the marketing world instead of other marketing outlets. Indeed email would always be an essential part of your mobile application for the numerous benefits it offers.

According toStatista,

“In 2019, the number of global email users was reported to be 3.9 billion which is estimated to grow to 4.3 billion users in 2023.”

It clearly shows that not having an email account in today’s time is almost no chance as half of the world’s population is using email at the moment.

Why Are Email Marketing Hacks Important?

Updating your marketing techniques over time is essential for long-term marketing success. Just like your phone application brings about some new advancement to keep you hooked for a long time, you need to revive your email marketing to attract more customers.

Have you ever wondered why dozens of your emails do not get desired replies or any replies at all? Why are your customers not interacting lively with you, which is impacting your sales? Why are your links getting the least click through rates for the very first time in several years? Or more than half of your emails are spamming in the spam box these days.

Well, this can be very traumatizing but it is for a transient time might be facing all these troubles because you lack somewhere. Hence, you need to move towards something more efficient to optimize your strategy. You may also go for email cleaning services to get professional assistance.

Here are some of the life-saving yet straightforward email marketing hacks that can succor you in increasing your inclining rates (CTR) and boosting your sales.

Top 6 Most Effective Email Marketing Hacks

1. Designing a Captivating Subject Line

The most dominant trait of an email is its subject line; it determines whether the email would get a read or will be left on seen. Your subject line should be appealing enough to the user that it gets them hooked by your words, convincing them to spare a few moments of their precious time to your emails. It’s merely ‘make it or break it.’ Here’s how you can write a good subject line.

Subject lines must be short and quick to read. Long subject lines usually bore the readers, causing them to lose their interest in what you have to say.

Starting with a question can be useful in creating a captivating subject line.

Use limited and attention-grabbing words, keywords, special characters, or subtle emoticons to make it look nice.

2. Relevant and Engaging Content

Generating relevant content is a severe concern for email marketers. According to research, only 14% of peoplefeel that majority of emails they receive are relevant to them. This leaves a large number of your email receivers uncontended with your content, which can largely affect your sales and click-through rates. Here is what you can do to increase the relevance of your content for a wide audience.

Engaging Content

The first two lines of your content have to be the best-sculpted pieces of your article. They are the second hook of email marketing after the subject. If they aren’t relevant and clearly-written the reader would rather prefer moving to better content.

Relevant Content

Give your readers what they want. If people are subscribing for updates, sending them old catalogs will only lead your email into the trash. If they open your email after reading your subject, that’s because they want to know more about it. Giving them subject-related content can be effective in generating leads.

3. Send Personalized Emails

Marketers have experienced high conversion rates with personalized emails. Sending emails with the receiver’s name grabs their attention more than a general email. It creates a connection or a sense of personal belonging between the sender and the receiver, which encourages the receiver to consider reading your email.

4. Follow aProfessional Format

How you design your email also affects your receiver’s decision on reading it. Remember when in childhood we used to reject a book with no picture or long paragraphs, the same applies here. Keep your content short and readable and easy to digest.

You can distribute your content into three sections; intro, body, and conclusion. For paragraphs, try not to exceed them over 2-3 short sentences. Add fascinating, relevant images and logos that exhibit your product or service.

5. Target The Right Audience

Targeting the right audience is among the essentials of email marketing. You’ll get no fruit grown if you’ve sown the seed at the wrong place. Your valuable creative emails are most likely to go unread because the receiver is not interested in your products or services. Hence, use all your strategies in the right place to get desirable results.

6. Include a CTA Option

A CTA or call-to-action is a tool that marketers include at the end of the email to entice the readers that you are the perfect fit for their needs. CTA guides the readers on the next step they should take after reading the content. It must not look like an order instead it should be designed to share the perks of clicking the given link. Make sure your CTA button is prominent with bright color highlights and sound like an open invitation to avail of a limited offer.


Effective email marketing is essential for the growth of businesses even today. Although it requires regular advancements and a constant check on the progress rate, it substantially contributes to providing the desired marketing results if implemented in the right way with correct tools and techniques. CBT Mass Email Sender is an amazing email marketing tool every marketer turns to for bulk emailing.

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