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6 Content upgrade ideas that boost subscribers

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05 Jan 2021

If you are running an e-commerce business, you must have been worried about your traffic because you don’t have subscribers. Everyone wants to grow up their email list immediately, but most of the time, it seems impossible to grow it with lightning speed, but you don't need to worry about it because this is possible now by upgrading your content.

What is content upgrading?

You have to offer a content upgrade free to your visitors in exchange for their email address. That is specific to your blog post or your content that these visitors are reading. In other words, you do a small business with your visitors and givethemgifts or discounted products to get their email address. If the visitors need any of your advice or they want to ask a specific question from you. At this point, you can create a targeted content upgrade according to their needs, and you know that they will never resist.

The content upgrade has a lot of high converting power for any blogger. And it also has much impact on many other businesses. If you want to bring traffic to your blog post and gain many subscribers in a short period, you need to start offering the content upgrades as soon as possible because this is the best option for increasing your traffic and subscribers.

Content upgrading ideas

The question arises what should be the types of content upgrades you can offer to visitors who visit your blog post to increase your subscribers. You will answer this question in this blog and learn about six different content upgrade ideas that will boost your blogs' traffic and help you gain more subscribers in less time. Let's discuss these content upgrade ideas.

1. The guide for the PDF

The easiest content upgrade you can offer to your visitors is in the form of a PDF. For this purpose, you can draft your file guide on Google Docs, and then you have to create an excellent cover for it. You can make a cover with many different applications or tools. You can use the canva tool for this purpose. Then, you have to convert this Docs file into PDF with the help of any docs to PDF converter.

Now you have a beautiful PDF guide that looks like a professional guide. This will helps you a lot in the content upgrade, and your visitors will be excited to read it. Always try to give complete information in your PDF so that your viewers gain thorough knowledge, and there remain no more questions in their minds.

If you deliver quality content to your viewers, they will look for your detailed PDF to know more about your content.

2. Audio and video content

Each person has his way of consumption of content. Some people like the text and have a taste of reading eBooks and blog posts, and they feel this method of gaining the information more useful than other methods. But not all people are the same. Some like to get the content in video visuals, and they enjoy seeing their information in video format.

Some people prefer podcasts as an efficient way of getting information about any content. So there are many options to get the information. So you should also give the audio and video option so that your audience can select the best way of getting your content. This content upgrade shows new ways of gaining more and more subscribers.

Today it's very easy to transform your blog posts into a video. You can do this with the help of different tools available on the internet. Lumen5 is a tool among many tools totransform your blog post into a video form easily. There are many free applications available on the internet. You can also convert your blog post into podcast episodes so that your viewers who want to avail the audio service can enjoy this way of gaining information.

3. Educate subscribers by Email course

Educating your visitors will help you a lot in gaining more and more subscribers. A free email course is the best content upgrade idea to provide your audience with some valuable content in return for their email address. Free email course will show an easy way to your subscribers, and with the help of this, you can easily set up a marketing automation workflow.

The best advantage of a free email course is that your subscribers create their taste according to you, and this will help you a lot in the future to sell your paid course or products.

4. Create a mini-e-book

It won't be easy to create a big book to give away for free, and secondly, if you start a big book, it will consume a lot of time. To save most of your efforts, you can create a mini-book. You can make this mini book by collecting together your many previous blog posts.

You can add the option of free download of this mini-book for your visitors in exchange for giving their email addresses. This will help you in boosting up your subscribers. Workbooks are also a good option for engaging your readers.

5. Create checklists

If you want to secure your time and don't want to waste it, creating content upgrades, the checklists are the best options. The best part of the checklist is that it can be created in minutes. It's easy to use, and they are easily readable. Checklists are very useful, especially for long-form blog posts.

6. Free Resource library

If you want to surprise your visitors, you can give them access to the free resource library. This will increase a lot of subscribers and make them feel comfortable to gain from your expertise.

CBT mass email sender guides its clients about the content upgrading ideas to get more subscribers.

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