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6 Breakthrough Email Marketing Tips To Grow Your Subscriber List Fast

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04 Jan 2021

Creating an email list might be challenging. The number of subscribers you may get every day depends on the nature of the content you post, the niche you're in, the quantity and source of the visits, and several other variables. The email appears to be the best method used by 50 percent of the marketers, but people are very selective about where to send their email accounts. That's why only a small proportion of your visits to the website will be recorded on your list.

Importance Of Having Your Own Email List

People who sign up for your email list are concerned with finding out more about your offerings, continuing to receive updates from you. Hence, they are more likely to connect with your emails by visiting your web page and blog.

It helps in several ways:

Tips To Grow Your Subscriber List Fast

1. Email Subscription Method Should Be Simple

The placement of your email registration icon might seem trivial but it's very effective in gaining visitors’ attention. Most websites prefer to add this to the sidebar (up or down), but it is the least productive. Often, websites only have opt-ins in the footer of popular blog posts. Or worse, the subscription boxes are not even available on some sites. Avoid doing such mistakes.

Make sure that the registration box is somewhere between the main content of the page for the best performance. You can have it along with your content, below or at the top of your page or article. Most websites have their opt-in forms on the front page, which serves perfectly. The home page is the best place to locate an opt-in form. Have a place to sign up for your email list on every page of your site. Include your top-performing bid and don't be afraid to request a subscription.

2. Offer Content Upgrade

Part of the growth factor in the email list is ensuring that people don't unsubscribe. If you have a rise in unsubscribes, it is not that people are uninterested. It could just be because they're overloaded.

For someone who really can't keep up with all the emails you're sending, the answer is not to push them to unsubscribe. Rather, offer a "light" subscription, or maybe different plans. Give regular subscriptions with a few e-mails each week, a digest e-mail with only one e-mail per week, and a monthly analysis that summarizes it in fewer alerts.

The strategy is to keep subscribers on your list, even if they don't receive the full amount of your emails. It’s better to have a small volume subscriber than a subscriber who receives each email and never opens it.

3. Build Several Magnetic Lead Pages

A lead magnet (defined as opt-in) is an opportunity that you give prospective customers to share contact details such as name, email address, phone number, etc.

Your blog posts with locked content, content upgrades, and premium content are all in the lead magnet category. Lead magnets provide added value to your customers. It may be a piece of downloadable content, PDF, checklist, report, whitepaper, an eBook, a resource newsletter, workbooks, etc.CBT Mass Email Sender is an efficient way to do build lead pages.

4. Promote Registrations Through Social Proof

Social proof is one of the most powerful ways of boosting conversions. People like to join in things that are already popular and do not want to "miss out." Social proof is so powerful, the launch of an entirely new brand of e-commerce called Social Trade, where stores and social networks partner together to create an almost communal shopping experience.

Social proof is a psychological aspect used to identify social behavior in which individuals feel at ease following those around. Advertisers use social validation as a means of easing the minds of concerned customers and expanding conversions.

Social proof is used in several ways to get more subscribers. You can use the customer testimonials, celebrity endorsements, host experts, and real-time stats on your landing pages, add reviews, display the number of registered users, etc.

5. Give Discounts And Real Incentives

The perfect way to persuade customers to show up on your list is to give them some value. A popular practice is to send them a free eBook, coupon code, or access to a secure area in exchange for their e-mail address.

Bear in mind that getting them to subscribe is your first objective, but your ultimate goal is to make something out of your list (more traffic to your website, more sales, etc.).

Offer giveaways and make sure to include the following components:

6. Use Guest Blogging And Cross-Promotion

Guest blogging is another way to reach out to a wider audience which proves to be quite lucrative. Some of the benefits it offers are

Cross-promotion is closely related to guest posting in which you utilize the audience of another site. However, the goal here is to partner with another site around the same size or a bit larger, giving you a guaranteed win. Cross-promotion could be as innovative as you are. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

Wrap up

To maintain and expand an email list is as important as to promote your social networking site. It's not only a perfect way to improve your blog views, but also a very powerful way of boosting transactions and connections. Hence, make sure to maintain a lucrative email list that relieves you of your expenses and add to your revenue.

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