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5 Valentine’s Day Email Tips To Heat Your Customer Relationships

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19 Jan 2021

5 Valentine’s Day Email Tips To Heat Your Customer Relationships

More client engagement, more retention, and more purchases – some special email marketing opportunities that no marketer ever wants to miss.

Valentine's Day has altered quite considerably in the past few years. Although it has constantly been (and still stays) a period of sentimental blessing and gift-giving for couples, rituals have moved to the festivities of non-sentimental connections also.

This is great information for advertisers searching for better approaches to help their colder time of year deals after the enormous occasions. As per an analysis by the National Retail Federation, transactions on Valentine's Day last year amounted to a whopping $18.9 billion. Go join the club and run your Valentine's Day Special Mail. Mailboxes around the world are fully prepared to warm up with love-fueled newsletter bits.

Yet, regardless of the incredible capability of the occasion, Valentine's Day can likewise be an enthusiastic minefield. It's significant that you broadcast the correct vibe, offer genuine benefit, and abstain from frustrating or disturbing your crowd.

Below are some Valentine's Day email marketing ideas that you should use to get consumers to buy your goods or services.

Initiate Promotional Offers Earlier Than Usual

As the phrase goes, "The early bird gets the worm." This holds to the marketing industry as well. To boost the output of the Valentine's Day email campaign, you need to start it at least a few days before 14th February.

Ideally, you're supposed to get your advertisement live at least a week in advance, or preferably two.

Although a large number of people delay their gift purchases until the last moment, there are also a lot of people who manage their transactions in advance to make Valentine's special for someone memorable.

Conveying the message out sooner gives shoppers enough time to pick anything from your web store and have it come in time for celebration. Offer customers the opportunity to prefer your business over a rival by providing limited-time promotions which is an amazing way to attract serious buyers.

Don't fail to create a special Valentine's Day deal. Try to make your client's Valentine's Day a little sweeter by offering them a specific voucher code as a present. Valentine's Day is really about expressing love, so don’t hesitate to show your love to your customers.

Provide Gift Ideas And Guides

Along with promotional offers, customers always enjoy a special gift guide, and Valentine's Day is the best time for your marketing a step forward.

Make things easier for the viewers by recommending wonderful gift ideas which they can use to impress their love. Build a layout that suits the occasion and showcase your goods or services to create an attractive display. Try to give them a price break to make their hearts flutter.

Here are some suggestions for the layout.

Combined with a sales or exclusive deal, this might be an incredibly successful way to raise Valentine's Day transactions.

Use Ideal Subject Lines

Like the occasion, your email should be loaded with love and affection. Beginning from the subject line, state clearly that your email contains special and unique Valentine's Day promotions. You can include the following things in your subject line to ensure that.

To make it easier here are some example subject lines.

Offer Timely And Free Shipping

Have the perfect gifts and the most discounted prices, yet low Valentine's sales?

It isn't that they're not in love with your deals, or they find your products to be overvalued. Instead, they worry about delaying the special gift for their important partner!

Make sure your Valentine's Day email pledges speedy delivery with:

Segment The List Based On Gender, Age, And Interests

Classification is a smart approach to access the customers on a personal basis. You can initiate your Valentine's Day email campaign with a more generalized message regarding your upcoming deals to your original list, then deliver a campaign to those who have converted, with certain cross-selling and up-selling options.

To give the ideal Valentine's Day update to the ideal person, you must segment your subscriber’s list smartly -according to their gender, age, interest, preferences, searches, purchase history, etc. -using CBT Mass Email Sender. Without adequate classification, you'll probably deliver meaningless information to a portion of your subscribers, or general deals that won't draw their attention.

Categorize your email into "Presents for him" and "Presents for her" and send your email to the relevant classes. When an email is delivered as per customer’s interests it brings more sales and engagement as compared to general emails.


Festivities are usually a good time for email marketing campaigns. There seem to be special moments during the year where you can remind consumers that you appreciate them, and promote your product or service at the same time. Try these instructions to get your wonderful Valentine's Day email marketing campaign ready.

We encouraged you to try a new email marketing approach on Valentine's Day this year. All in all, make sure you are targeting the right segment of consumers and offer something which makes them feel special and happy.

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