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5 Reasons why Email Marketing Crushes Social media marketing for B2B:

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04 Jan 2021

While comparing email marketing and social media marketing, you should remember that they are thoroughly different mediums used for completely different types of marketing campaigns. According to a famous marketer, both these tools are like mango and oranges. So they have different standards to get judged at. So the most suitable medium to implement as your marketing strategy depends upon the context of the campaign you plan to run. But still, email marketing somehow outperforms social media marketing because of many reasons. Above all, social media is considered a platform where you interact with other users for social means; chatting, sharing, etc., but Email is comparatively a professional platform used by professionals for significant causes. Social media is considered the future of the digital world, and it might be true, but still, many reasons will convince you to consider email marketing. CBT helps you achieve marketing goals through email campaigns. Let's discover together how it does so.

The highest number of active users

An email has a huge number of users that are considered to be almost 2.9 billion. This is three times more than the combined number of Facebook and Twitter user accounts. It is estimated that Facebook and Twitter combined posts will make almost 0.2% of the emails sent each day, and you cannot ignore this huge difference while selecting a medium between social media and emails to run your marketing campaigns. Approaching a larger number of prospects will automatically increase the sales generations and your marketing campaign's success rate. This does not mean that only quantity matters, or approaching a larger number of prospects is enough. You have to provide relevant and quality content to your subscribers to arouse their interest in your product and win sales.

Most effective Business Oriented Medium

When it comes to considering which one seems more professional from a business point of view, you will ponder that approaching social media for marketing purposes means to divide your energy among various channels that are not even business-oriented. So, you will go with the medium that is way more professional and is not used for social interaction, chatting, or one-on-one conversations. You have to invest all your energy in a single platform, and that is Email. So Email is a grown-up medium for business marketing where you can personally and professionally connect to your potential prospects in a larger number and in a much more effective way than any other medium.

Email is a Transactional Platform

Email is a transactional medium as customers are already expecting business, transactional or promotional emails from here. Have you ever checked your Email so you can reply to a chat here? It sounds stupid because you have somehow perceived emails as only a medium for professional use. This is the whole trick.

You are already expecting promotions, offers, flat-offs, etc., and have made up your mind to purchase anticipated products via emails. Unlikely, with the name of social media platforms, the first thing that comes up in our mind is chatting with our friends, sharing videos, or funny content, or posting our point of views regarding a particular issue, etc. and this in the most non-business and non-transactional approach that is why email scores high in this perspective.

Emails grab more attention than other Tools

When you go to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, your only approach is to have a fun time, or as a relaxing medium, while watching some funny posts, fashion-related content, political issues, social issues, or cute videos as this all is to have social interaction with others. So when you market your product on social media, people don't pay more attention to it as they have opened their social app for recreational purposes.

So you get a very minimal response rate there. Conversely, when you assess your audience via email marketing to launch, display, elaborate, or sell your product, you get a higher sales generation. Because emails catch more attention of the consumers, there is no diverting factor here. They only focus on your Email. And they read about your product more intensely and with a buying state of mind.

While contrary to this, when you visit social media apps and any ad confronts you, there is so much more content available at the same time, so your mind gets diverted and starts to look for the most interesting content out of them all. And this decreases the chances of generating maximum sales.

Email is comparatively more personal than any other medium

While considering email marketing, the best tactic to develop an emotional connection with your reader is to get personalized with them. How come you do not understand the utmost importance and dire need of getting personal with your prospects in email marketing. And keeping that in mind, you cannot support the statement that Facebook is the most intimate medium. Because this is false as Facebook is personal only when you are chatting, liking, or commenting on a person's post and having a one on one conversation with a single user. But approaching a single consumer is not marketing as marketing refers to hitting many audiences to attain a great response.

So email marketing, if executed greatly, is the most fruitful way of approaching your audience personally. As in email marketing, you do surveys to ask their opinions, address them by their name, give them special offers, segment them based on their interests, and provide the relevant dates accordingly. And this means you are investing energy in every single of your subscribers. It sounds like heavy manual work, but automation has made it much easier than ever. So once more,Email is winning the score to crash social media from a marketing perspective.

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