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5 Proven Ways Holiday Email Can Grow Your E-Commerce Sales

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06 Jan 2021

For many businesses, the holiday season is often a strenuous time as they are making strategies to boost their sales. Email marketing can increase your holiday sales exuberantly! As per the research, 20% of holiday sales are brought in through email marketing.

You should plan your holiday email marketing strategies early because 40% of customers begin their holiday shopping before Halloween each year. Holiday email marketing has a high ROI due to which online retailers are also persuaded to put efforts in this area. Holiday E-Commerce sales account for 30% of annual E-Commerce sales. Thus, while revising your marketing strategies for this Halloween or any upcoming holiday, don’t forget to assess and embrace the 5-holiday email marketing strategies discussed below.

How To Grow Your Ecommerce Sales With Holiday Emails?

1. Segmenting The Email Lists

By segmenting your email lists into smaller and more focused groups of subscribers with similar characteristics or interests, you can create more targeted emails and appeal to your customers to drive conversion. Some of the common ways to segment an email list are:


Purchasing the history of customers can help you analyze the kind of products they are interested in. It will allow you to create relevant offers for specific segments. Moreover, you can alert them regarding new product arrivals. If they are regularly purchasing some specific items then you can remind them about another purchase.


You can analyze how subscribers interact with your emails through various traceable events as email opens, click-through, video views, etc. You can also use software like CBT Mass Email Sender to track your receivers’ behavior towards your emails. Through this data, you can design your emails as per their preferences like the subscribers who are not watching videos in your emails, you can eliminate it for them. Identifying the kind of products your customers are viewing on your website can also help you encourage them on making a purchase.

Moreover, you should know what your regular customer preferences are because serving loyal year-round shoppers should vary as compared to your seasonal shoppers.


While signing up for your page, you can ask your customers about what kind of emails they prefer to receive from you. For instance, they might prefer emails with new product launches, deals or coupons or any giveaway vouchers, etc. Thus, you can serve them accordingly.

No matter how you maintain your email list you can compel your shoppers to complete purchases by including email countdowns and time-sensitive offers.

Creating a sense of urgency by utilizing a countdown when a sale is ending or an item is low in stock, can prompt action. Remind subscribers about shipping dates to purchase gifts on time.

Time-sensitive offers are much effective in the holiday season as the customers are trying to avail of various offers from particular brands. Thus, give them an enticing promotional time-sensitive offer on your products.

2. Foster The Right Product

Choosing which product should be featured in your emails is an important factor in your email marketing but with holiday emails time is limited and your goal is to get optimum ROI, hence you need to focus on featuring the right product in your holiday emails by:

Moreover, try to send some non-promotional content as well to maintain customer engagement. Apart from the holiday season, subscribers will admire guides, updates, and new arrivals from you throughout the year therefore do not get too hauled away!

3. Revive For Mobile Users

Making your content mobile-friendly is a new requirement these days as 80% of users are using smartphones. This means you have to generate content in such a way that it can be easily read by the customers on mobile phones.

When using a responsive template, it can be easily ensured that your emails are rendering to all sizes and types of devices.

Try to concise the text on your email so that the users do not have to keep scrolling and use short and sweet calls to action to persuade them for immediate action.

Use the mobile view feature on your emails to see what the message will look like.

Send to yourself and members of your team to test emails and see how they appear on different devices.

4. Invite Shoppers To Complete Their Purchases

Your customers can leave the purchases without placing their order due to many reasons. For instance, they may be surprised by the shipping costs, they may find the purchasing process time-taking or get distracted and forgot to return.

Inviting these shoppers back to visit their abandoned shopping carts by sending promotional offers or other incentives can be effective for engagement as well as revenue uplifts. Particularly, in this holiday season, it’s a savvy strategy to offer various deals on abandoned carts, when subscribers are already looking for promotional schemes. By sending targeted abandoned shopping cart emails in a holiday season, you can recapture lost revenues.

5. Time Emails

Sending an email too early can cause your emails to get ignored by subscribers. Increasing your frequency of emails near to holiday season instead can be effective.

Keeping in mind your average buying cycle while planning a holiday email marketing scheme can ensure that the shoppers are left with enough time to shop and avail of the offers within the given holiday sale. For maximum engagement, send the emails before and after the holiday.

Apart from these holiday email marketing tactics, we have a hidden opinion to edge out the competition.

Including Shipping Information!

You must provide accurate information on shipping if it is varying according to location, delivery type, etc. Restating the information on your website can save customers from the headache of looking up the original email for holiday shipping deadlines.

Give them shipping cut-offs so that an immediate response can be generated.

Wrapping up!

Holiday email marketing campaigns are among the most lucrative emailing campaigns as holidays are the times when people are looking to make the most purchases. However, during this time, a lot of email marketers feel like going on vacation themselves, which leads them to miss out on a substantial share of profits. While, using, assessing, and embracing the ways discussed in this article for your holiday email content planning will surely offer you marvelous uplifts in your E-Commerce sales.

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