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5 Key Practices to Avoid the Spam Folder

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06 Jan 2021

Email marketing is one of the most antiquated and efficient practices of directly connecting with the targeted audience. This field of marketing has drastically evolved over time. It was pretty much feasible to send an email back then and forget about that, but now, there's constant stress on the sender about numerous things regarding his marketing emails. The most common and frightful concern of email marketer is his email getting spammed.

Your splendidly designed email with excellent quality content getting spammed is undoubtedly the worst nightmare.But what’s even worse is that you turn this nightmare into reality by some mistakes while designing and sending the emails. The daily spam volume in 2014 was around 28 billion, which hurt sender's reputation severely. ISP's and other spam detecting software are in dire search of any lead that can persuade them to put your marketing email in the spam folder. Numerous email marketers have also reported their exclusive legitimate marketing emails getting spammed constantly.

Here is the good news, you can use a little smartness to ditch the spam traps and securely land your emails in the receivers’ inbox. Although CBT Mass Email Senderhas been a great help in effectively avoiding spam folders, below are some efficient tips that need significant consideration to save your emails from getting spammed.

5 Key Practices to Avoid the Spam Folder

1. Use Authentic Email Addresses

2. Update Your Subscribers

3. Never Purchase Email Lists

Buying an email list is indeed the worst decision an email marketer could ever take. No matter what circumstances you're in, never buy an email list as it gets you pretty close to spamming all your upcoming emails. It can have an adverse impact on your sender reputation by giving you dead or untargeted email addresses, which gets you no positive response at all. Buying an email list is clearly against the laws of most ISPs and can put you in immediate crises marking you as a permanent spammer. Instead,boost your mailing listthe right way and not be a fool to fall into this spam trap.

4. Focus On Your Content

5. Watch Your Attachments


The worth of your valuable content will never be recognized if it's ending up in a spam folder. It's also always better to ask your trustworthy subscribers to whitelist you in his email account if he agrees to. Implement these tips, make a spam checklist, and voila! You're good to go to save yourself from all those spam scanning monsters like a pro.

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