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5 Examples of Exceptional Transactional Email Design

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05 Jan 2021

Transactional and promotional emails are a basic framework of email marketing campaigns. The transactional email attracts potential customers and keeps the readers up-to-date with essential information as shipping notifications, account updates, receipts, etc. In contrast, the promotional emails are used for sending messages like exclusive offers, upcoming products, flat off, invitations to events, announcements, deals, promotional codes, third-party offers, pre-booking offers, etc.

Although the promotional emails include unimportant and occasional emails, it still has a high impact. It provides you an increased opportunity to communicate with your prospects and convey your message. While transactional emails may seem like some boring or insignificant emails but still are of utmost importance among all other types of emails, a targeted audience reads it and is significant enough to generate six times more sales.

Email marketing is complex marketing, and the outcomes are time taking, but the transactions will be high. By working from outbound to inbound advertising, email marketing remains a trustworthy choice for advertisers as a valuable ROI (Return on Investment). Composing simple emails can be comfortable while crafting a top-notch email is quite tricky. For this, you must put some extra effort into creating open-ended features, to design a compelling email campaign, follow-up at each step. So this is a time-taking process.

What are Transactional Emails?

Transactional emails are confirmation messages sent to specific subscribers right after taking any action on your website. These are composed of the client's activities, interests, and purchasing history. It is counted as a "must-open" email. As indicated by a study, they get an 8x more significant number of open rates and reads than any other type of email. These emails are often constructed with direct transactions.

Here we are listing 5 examples of transactional email designs:

1.Double opt-in Emails:

Double opt-in email is a common practice these days. They are designed to confirm your visitor's subscription. It is an additional step in the process of subscription. It is useful to include active and real users. For instance, when you subscribe to any brand, you get an opt-in form to ask for your name, contact number, or email address. To make your subscription confirm, they send a confirmation email to the provided email address. If the user opens and reads that email and verifies it, he is added to the email contact list.

Preferably, these emails are counted as the best method to filter out the uninterested subscribers and consider only active and interested users to ensure email hygiene.

2.Password reset emails:

We have usually settled complicated passwords to make it healthy and to avoid any hacking issues. But many of us are poor at remembering complex numbers that we have entered once, so we often rush to forget password tabs or password reset options.

Password reset email is an undertaking email where the reader will be able to update their password and sign in back to their account afterward. Keeping in mind its importance, many businesses have automated emails for password-protected accounts directly connected to a link where you can change your password. These emails are precise, non-promoting, and include brand identity. One more thing is they have always mentioned a time frame within which you have reset your password, or the link will expire.

3.Order Confirmation Emails:

Order confirmation emails are effortlessly the most significant and valuable emails for any online business. These are usually driving eight times more open-rates than a usual email. Hence it can be a valuable opportunity to provide some important information about your brand without sounding like promoting your brand. This kind of transactional email can help you optimize your reader's engagement with your brand as he carefully reads these confirmation emails because confirmation emails inform them that you have placed their order. Now they are further proceeding to deliver it. If you add some precise additional information in that email, they will know more about your company.

These emails usually induce elements of excitement into consumers and set their hopes very high. And if they are delivered with the right quality product, it makes them impressed, and there are chances that they may connect to you again in the future.

4.Cart Abandonment:

You must have observed some consumers visited your website, put a product in the cart, and then didn't proceed with the purchase. It might occur for quite a few reasons like a slow association, dissatisfaction with the product or the checkout cycle, or forget to check the cart list they have created. In any case, this can't be a reason to abandon the deal. So cart abandonment emails to your prospects remind them of the products they have liked and considered for purchasing but somehow didn't proceed. You ask them to revisit your website or reconsider the products before they get out of stock. Or to tell the reasons for not buying the product.

These emails have a title with the subject that makes the purpose clear. The email body must incorporate a link to the website posted with the items that have been chosen. Every email contains a hyperlink that guides them to their particular item.

These emails contain a short body and pictures. Pictures are incredible for visual attraction, yet if the image doesn't stack, you risk the client rapidly losing interest. However, it there exists a full caption of the item under the image, so there's no divergence on the client's part.

5.Delivery confirmation:

Delivery Confirmation messages are usually sent to customers when they buy something from an online store. The buyer clicks on this email to know about the order placement and when they will receive the parcel. It assists the client to locate the package.

They give some options to the clients where they provide some vital information necessary for the order delivery.

CBT mass email providers can provide you with the best email design. Just give us a chance and increase your ROI.

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