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5 Email Retargeting Best Practices (And How ToImplement Them)

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19 Jan 2021

5 Email Retargeting Best Practices (And How ToImplement Them)

Email retargeting is a common strategy used by eCommerce websites and different businesses to target returning customers using advertisements, promotional emails, etc.

Email retargeting is said to boost your on-site conversion by a whopping 2100%! It is also helpful in increasing your email contact list while reducing the email bounce rate.

Many companies depend upon their websites for sales and promotions. But what if a customer visits your website and returns without buying? One option might be to give up and move on to new customers. But email targeting provides you a better option, a way to retarget these potential customers. In this article, we have explained what email retargeting is, how it works, and what are the best practices that will help you in expanding your business.

How Does Email Retargeting Work?

To understand how email retargeting works, you should first know what a bounce is. If a customer visits your website and leaves without buying anything, this is called a bounce. Using email retargeting you can get a second chance to convert the visitor into a buyer.

In order to track visitor behavior, remarketing uses cookies to track leads. Different lead generation tools help in learning the buying pattern of the visitor by using data such as the pages the user visited and the products he bought. Using this data, you can reach out to users with more targeted offers and products through advertisements or emails and convert them into buyers.

Once you know how email retargeting works, you should come up with a retargeting strategy to increase your sales.

5 Email Retargeting Best Practices

Follow Up On Abandoned Shopping Carts

2 out of 3 customers never checkout after adding stuff to their shopping cart. This is one of the major reasons why different businesses lose sales. The reason for abandoning the shopping cart could vary. The customer might have found the same product somewhere else at a cheaper price, or they might have found that they will have to pay a large shipping fee, or they might have simply changed their mind.

With a retargeting strategy, you can approach these customers again to remind them of the abandoned shopping cart. You can also convince the customer to continue by sending a discount voucher or some promotional voucher. This might make them come back to your website and continue shopping.

There are several ways of reaching these customers. The best way is to use email automation to set up an abandoned email workflow that automatically sends emails to customers who abandon their cart instead of shopping. This will remind them of their shopping list and notify customers in case of deals and discounts on their selected items. It will also help in keeping a track of customer preferences.

Show Custom Pop-Ups

One way of getting more sales is onsite retargeting. You can use pop-up ads to target returning customers. Many people visit your website for something and leave without buying anything. Such users have a high chance of returning again. You can use this opportunity to show them targeted pop-up ads in order to convert these visitors into subscribers or buyers.

This onsite targeting is done by collecting customer preference data upon their website visit. This data is used to later show them targeted ads by using the data. These ads could show related items or could give discount vouchers.

Upsell To Existing Customers

The onsite retargeting strategy allows you to target a specific audience on your website with personalized ads. This can be beneficial especially when you are trying to engage existing customers.

If someone who already bought from your website, visits again, you have a great opportunity to upsell other products to this customer. You can use onsite retargeting to show ads to returning customers in order to sell other similar products as well as to give loyalty discounts.

Engage Inactive Users

A number of people will visit your website, read your blogs, subscribe to emails but leave without buying your products. Using email retargeting you can target such inactive users to visit again and complete the purchase.

You can send emails to such inactive users and provide them different offers or discounts or just try to get their attention using eye-catchy deals. This strategy is really effective and might help you in boosting your sales exponentially.

Target Customers Using An Offsite Ad Campaign

Your website is not the only place that you can use to display ads. You can run an offsite ad campaign by using other platforms to display your ads and bring in new customers and potential buyers.

You can use data collected from your website based on the user’s preferences and later on show targeted ads to the user on other websites.

By using an email retargeting strategy, you can create email list segments using CBT Mass Email Sender based on different user data like demographics, preferences, etc.

These segments can then be used to select some targeted audience on a specific website and targeted ads can be shown to them based on these factors.


To sum it all up, if you want your business to boom and if you want to expand your email contact list, email retargeting is the way to go.

You can use onsite ads to give deals and discounts to returning customers, targeted pop-ups to engage customers, reminder emails to those who abandoned their carts, discount voucher emails to inactive users, and targeted ads through offsite ad campaigns.

There is no disadvantage of retargeting email strategies. You will only benefit from them in the form of more sales and more subscribers.

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