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5 email design best practices for 2021

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05 Jan 2021

Don't spend too much time perfecting yourInstagram feed theme; instead, try to deliver your efforts in your email newsletter designs because it's more effective than the Instagram feed theme.

Before email, marketing was very simple; it did not have any glamour. With the development of technology, the way of email marketing has also changed. The interactive and animated images have changed the look of email marketing and made them more excited.

Now the boring letters have gone, and due to different email designs, a new trend of email letters has started, which is attractive and more effective than the previous ways of sending emails.

Let's discuss the best email design for the coming year 2021. After reading this article, you will learn a lot about how you can make your email more effective and have enough email design inspiration so that you can give your audience a more beautiful way of reading.

The year 2020 is about to finish, and 2021 is very near. That's why new email designs are trending, and many new email designs are emerging. After some research, I have found a few tips for email design. You should also apply them in your email designto get more advantage of it.

Consumer expect Hyper-personalization

You can easily personalize your emails by addressing your visitors by their names, but in the coming year 2021, it will not be enough for you. Because the consumers have advanced, they want a newsletter with all the other relevant information in it and are expecting hyper-personalization. According to a survey, when it is asked by different customers what makes you unsubscribe from email newsletters.About 33% said they don't find any interest in the email products while addressing this answer.

If you want that your subscribers appreciate your personalized content, send the hyper-personalized emails to your list. You can do so by creating your email list segments. This will also benefit the bottom lines of your email. By doing so, you can increase the rate of your sale up to 20% more than before.

Text-only emails

If you don't like different templates and want to make your email simple and beautiful, you don't need to worry about it. Because by choosing the strong email copy paired with a minimalistic design, you can create a wonderful email to attract your customers.

Use Bright and Bold colors

Many peoples neglect using bright and bold colors, even though it is very effective in marketing. 85% of the people do their shopping just according to their favorite colors. This is a significantpercentage, and we can see how important it is. The different colors are attached to your different emotions. For example, the red color is a symbol of love and passion. Similarly, the blue color resembles peace. The yellow color evokes happiness, so colors have great control over the way you feel, and colors trigger many actions in a particular way.

Best practices

CBT mass email sender allows you to practice the best techniques for effective email marketing. There are some new email best practices that you should follow to increase the efficiency of your emails.

(1). On Brand design

You can easily increase your revenue by up to 23%. All you need to do is consistent branding for this. The readers don't keep the patience for knowing their point of interest in your email. They want that everything should be clear in front of them as they open your email. Make sure that your email newsletter should represent your brand before giving it a total design makeover. So, design by keeping in mind the design of your brand.

The number of emails that an average American receives in a day is 126 in number. Try to remain focused on your brand while writing your email because if you write very away from your brand or product, the subscriber will lose his patience and unsubscribe you.

(2). Be Accessible

Your emails will be ineffective to your subscribers even if they contain beautiful content if they are not easily accessible to your subscribers. There are about 2.2 billion people who have a visual impairment. You have to add alt text to make emails accessible, or you can also take the help of image description but remember not to put the vital information in the picture.

But, if you feel it necessary to put the text in the graphic, add it in the form of a caption. This will secure the information even if the customer can't see the image.

(3). The email should accommodate all the devices

Most of the emails are viewed on different devices, so you should make your email newsletters in a way that it can be accessed on all the devices such as mobile, tablet and laptops, etc. About 47% of the people open their emails on the mobile because it's easy to carry and use.

Avoid the images and other animations while writing the emails on the mobile. This is because your mobile screen is tiny compared to your laptop, so that the images will be shrunk down on the mobile, and the text written in it will become too small to be viewed.

The best way of testing it is that after crafting your email, send it to yourself on all your devices because this will show you how your email is appearing on your audience's devices.

(4).Use of dark mode

Many peoples use the dark mode in their devices because they feel it cooler than the light mode. It would be best to use the dark mode in your newsletter design for your customers who feel comfortable with it. Otherwise, you can lose a large number of your customers.

(5). Use of 3D Images

The 3D images could be beneficial in your email cover letters. They appear attractive and can bring an excellent impression on the customers. The trend of using 3D imaging is increasing day by day. Because it is easily visible and increases conversion for e-commerce retailers. That's good to add 3D images to your emails for your regular users and other visitors.

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