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5 Email Call to Action Best Practices to Jumpstart Your Email Conversions

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06 Jan 2021

CTA – the heart of email marketing, is the prime factor behind the success of an emailing campaign. They are the best way to inform the customers what you expect of them in response to your emails. In order to adopt the CTA best practices, you need to think like a real-time seller.

You might have noticed that the first thing a seller does is persuade its customers to look at his products, after a detailed conversation regarding product features and many fawning phrases. Once he has aroused interest in his customers and gained their full concentration, he ultimately moves towards the main goal -selling. He could have been direct towards the purchase but that is not a professional way of marketing.

A prominent difference between real-time and virtual marketing is that you are unaware of your customer's very next step. Email marketing is a very anticipated and efficient way of marketing. You design your email expecting generic actions from your readers. Since you don't know where your email is being read or what’s the mood of your customer, you have to be pretty specific with the message you intend to deliver.

CTAs allows exactly that!

They are the final step in your marketing process that directs the readers to your ultimate goal -generating leads and conversions.

What Is A Call-To-Action?

The most crucial part of an email is when your reader opens your email, finds your content impressive, and is ready to take the next step -the purchase. The feature that guides him about what to do next is a call to action option present in every marketing email. Some example CTAs are: buy now, sign up for regular updates, learn more, etc. It can even be a sentence like ‘like our content? Subscribe now so you never miss any update’.

An email without this option is like a fruit without sweetness, no benefit neither to the buyer nor the seller. While adding a CTA in your email you have to be careful with the words you use in it and its placement -for instance, a callous CTA will most probably not work. Here are some practical reasons why a good CTA is important in email marketing.

What Role Does CTA Play?

Here, we have a list of 5 Email Call to Action Best Practices to jumpstart email conversions and get maximum sales.

5 Email Call to Action Best Practices to Jumpstart Your Email Conversions

1. Write Action-Oriented Text

a boring text can decrease your chance of generating any leads by ten times than an action-oriented text. Using general text wouldn't intrigue your reader to give a visit to your site. To draw your reader's attention, write personalized text which can encourage your recipient to dive deeper into what you have to offer.

47% and 93% of a post's leads ONLY come from anchor text CTAs.


A useful example of action-oriented CTA is Airbnb, a home-sharing platform, that states a very subjective question in its CTA which is “WANT TO MAKE EXTRA MONEY?” This CTA must not only captivate the reader but also hook him till the end to get the answer.

2. Use Large CTA Button

Buttons are far more effectual and well-structured for a CTA option.A link has more chances to be missed but a large button would be visible enough for everyone. Also, a button would make the text look more prominent and can be adjusted at different locations in the email.


Let's take a look at the example of De-beers -a gemstone selling brand that designed its CTA using a responsive, bold, medium-sized button that is visible in the email.

3. Display Emergency Words

The art of encouraging the reader to put extra effort and move to a separate page is not easy. Using words with a time limit mentioned or exclusive urgency phrases can arise interest in your readers to take immediate action.

You can state short perks like discounts, coupons, etc. that can motivate your reader to click on the CTA.


Take a look at this interesting CTA by Red Robin, an online pizza station. It uses "Tavern Double Tuesday" as a CTA in its emails, offering free burgers to the limited orders using time-specific language.

4. Offer Maximum Visibility

Choosing the right color of your CTA can be very beneficial to your marketing emails. To make your CTA bright and bold, use distinct colors with white spaces around your button that would help your CTA to outstand in the email. Red and orange work best and are very eye-catching. Red and orange CTAs can result in a 21% conversion growth.


Netflix -and online streaming site for movies and tv shows, has set the perfect example of using a vibrant CTA. The brand designed a red CTA in contrast with the black background. Not only did it represent their brand image, but also remained quite prominent.

5. Correct Placement of CTA

Incorrect placement of CTA is the most common mistake among marketers. Creating engaging content but placing the CTA at the corner would fail your email to pass the conversion process.

On the contrary, placing your CTA at the top right corner ensures that your CTA is equally visible on every device your email is viewed on. Use spacing around your CTA to bring the focus of the reader.


Check out Toms -a sports goods brand as an example of the right CTA placement. The brand composed its special sale offer emails by placing the CTA in the middle of the email to catch readers’ prime attention.


Call-to-action buttons are crucial to marketing emails. However, using them to the best of your benefits is no less than art that most email marketers struggle with. You can use the fruitful practices mentioned in this article while designing your CTA and improve your sales, conversion rates, and traffic. CBT Mass Email Sender is a helping

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