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4 Tricks to Driving More Traffic to Your Website

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04 Jan 2021

There are no limits to market your business. No matter how successful your website is, marketing should always be your first priority. There are many ways to market your website. However, email marketing is still the most efficient strategy as it covers all internet users.

As per the research conducted by the Direct Marketing Association and Demand Metric, email has a median ROI of 122%, four times higher than other marketing formats.

That's why emails are the best for marketing purposes. It helps you promote your landing pages, home pages, blog posts, and turns leads into customers. Using the email signature is one of the most effective strategies for email marketing.

What is an Email Signature?

Rather than writing 'Best regards' at the end of your email, you can use that space to create an email signature. Email signature increases your brand awareness and gives additional marketing opportunities. In the email signature, you can add a link to your website or blog, as a way to call your subscribers to visit your website. If you have a business you can add your logo in your email signature to make it memorable for people.

Email signatures also make your emails look personalized, adding your contact information especially your name and your photo will make your emails look more personalized.

Many online email signature generators are available online that help you create good email signatures without knowing HTML coding or designing skills.

How Can You Use Your Email Signature to Promote Your Website?

An email signature is independent of the content of your email. It is not necessary to make both things linked. Even if you are sending payment confirmation to your clients adding a signature at the end won't be wrong, it'll only promote your brand.

Here are the best 4 tricks to drive traffic to your website using an email signature:

1. Include Your Website Link

Adding links to your website in your email signature will enable your audience to easily find you. There are millions of websites on the internet and finding your website in such a big crowd could be very difficult for potential clients. Therefore, using email signatures help you increase your website visitors. It gives access to your subscribers to easily reach your website and increases your brand awareness. You can also add a link to your blog with a text like 'I have also published a blog this week, to read it click here'.

2. Don't Be Anti-Social

No doubt potential clients love to connect with your brand. Using social media platforms to connect with your audience is the best way to engage them. This is the age of social media.

Efficient social media marketing can bring remarkable success to your business. All renowned brands and companies are now using social media platforms for advertising and marketing purposes as social media has become the most powerful marketing tool these days. Thus, adding your social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram can amazingly increase your site's traffic. When people will connect with you on your social media pages, it will make it easier for you to direct them to your website.

If you have multiple social media accounts – which is a smart approach – do not add all of them to your email signature. Analyze the platforms where you have a considerably larger audience and mention those sites. Adding up to two of them is an efficient practice.

3. Use Email Signature Banners

Banners are the most useful part of your email signature. They comprise 70% of your signature space. You have to be creative while designing a banner for your email signature. Try to make it look attractive to grab the reader's attention. You can add texts like 'Subscribe to our newsletter ' and add the subscription link on that banner.

4. Track Your Clicks

An email signature is a sort of business card in the digital world. In the real world, you can't check who visited your profile when you hand them your business card but digital marketing has made it possible now.

It can be done by tracking the signature links using Google Analytics. Tracking links is the most underutilized strategy in email signatures but doing this can give you incredible results. It allows you to check how many people visited your website through your email signature and how much your CTR (Click-through rate) increased. You can change the banner weekly to check which one worked better for you to improve your email signature and brand awareness.

How To Create A Successful Email Signature Marketing Campaign?

Now when you know what is an email signature and how it promotes your website. Let's move on to creating a successful marketing campaign using an email signature. Signature generators enable you to create a whole banner campaign. They allow you to choose your banners depending upon your brand. This sort of campaign is best for promoting your blog. But make sure that all your employees are using the same banner. It prevents you from a lot of issues providing you numerous benefits:


Email is one of the best marketing channels to gain full control over the audience and the message. It also builds trust with customers as you are not directly asking people to visit your website. It can bring a tremendous amount of people to your website. No doubt, email signatures are the most solid marketing tools but you need to be careful while using them. Create email signatures according to your brand identity and personality. Using email signatures wisely is a great way to increase traffic on your website and drive new businesses.

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