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4 Steps To Increase Your Email Open Rates

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19 Jan 2021

4 Steps To Increase Your Email Open Rates

Higher email open rates are indicative of successful email marketing campaigns. That explains why marketers work so hard to create the perfect subject lines. If you really can expand your email open rates, you'll also be able to enhance your email conversion rate.

Email marketing is considered to be one of the most effective strategies for companies to encourage and convert prospects into paying customers. However, the first step here is to make your receivers open the email.

Among the several major factors that affect the email open rates are email deliverability rates - the number of emails delivered to the inbox. How can your receivers open the emails when they haven't even reached them? This requires working on a number of other factors including sender reputation, bounces, bulk emailing, etc.

New or old securing favorable email open rates is daunting for all. But to make things easier we have given out some expert tips ahead.

Even if you have been marketing through emails for some time now, you can benefit from these strategies. Before starting make sure to check your highest email open rates so that you can easily compare the results. For novice email marketers who haven’t run any campaign yet, these strategies are a kickstart to a record-breaking marketing career.

The Danger Zone

Although it is always better to stay in the secure zone, here is when you need to deploy high alert.

Borderline email open rate – 15%

If you notice your email open rates going lower than that, take immediate actions. There are various factors that regulate your email open rates varying from business to business. Try the following effective and quick strategies to boost your open rates.

Steps To Improve Email Open Rates

The Subject Line Should Be Short And Intriguing

The email subject line is among the most important components of the overall email. It is indeed the first phase of your email that the receiver views -and you're not expected to take it casually.

The subject line is the introduction of your email. It's supposed to be unique, simple, and attractive. It must give readers an honest clue of the email message. Like

Use succinct yet engaging words and phrases to quickly and completely deliver your message. Take out needless adjectives or phrases to create a complete, concise, and valuable email.

You can also attempt customization on the subject line, which can give your email a more personal touch.

These things can make your subject line interesting:

When working on improving the open rates – segmenting your mailing list is a no-brainer. Sending specific emails to each segment has proven to offer better open rates. A study showed that 39% of the people who categorized their lists had higher open rates.

Categorizing your mailing list also helps you to personalize your messages. It's hard to do that when sending a general email to the overall list. A study showed that personalizing your messages improves your transaction rate and sales by six times!

There are several ways of segmenting your mailing list. Though the three approaches that are the most efficient and can greatly increase the open rates are given below.

Focus On Timing

Studies show that the ideal time to send an email is 10 a.m. That doesn’t mean you cannot send emails at any other time. Instead, you should try different timings to find the best one for your audience.

Several other important facts that might help you to choose an appropriate timing are:

Along with lunch, 47% of emails are accessible other than office hours. Notice that most of these "non-working" openings happen on smartphones.

Avoid Spam Filters

Spam detection seems to be more advanced over the last few years, though they're not flawless. Your strongest emails can also be trapped in the dreaded spam file and will never land in your recipients’ inbox. Thus, to optimize your outcome, you need to play safe – do your best to avoid spam traps.

Mentioned below are some of the best practices to prevent your emails from getting into spam folders.

Wrap Up

Email open rates are crucial to the success of an email marketing campaign – anything lower than 15% is not acceptable. Thus, keep a close eye on your email open rates with CBT Mass Email Sender. Here is the thing; you do not have to wait for a drop to work on your email open rates. In fact, you need to maintain it at all times to ensure greater ROI.

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