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4 Simple Yet Effective Tactics That'll Improve Your Email Click-Through Rates

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05 Jan 2021

Getting leads into your email newsletter may be a huge win. It means customers are curious about your brand and your content. However, simply because someone is on your email list doesn't mean that they're planning to read the emails you send them. That's why it is so important to check your email click-through rate (CTR). Because if your email click-through rate is low, then it means you're doing something wrong.

According to smart calculation, the average email open rates should be from 15% to 25%. Also, counting on your available rate, your click rate should be about 20% to 30% of your open rates.

This may be a surprise to you, especially when you are sure that you've written catchy headlines and good content despite your stats are lower.

What is Email Click-Through Rate (CTR)?

● If you're sending emails, click-through rate (CTR), or otherwise referred to as a click-to-open rate (CTOR), is among the critical metrics to keep track of.

● The CTR may be a measurement that considers both the number of individuals who open your emails and people who click on your emails.

● For example, let's say that you have sent an email campaign where 1,000 subscribers have opened, but only 69 people have clicked. This may lead to a 6.9% CTR.

● Meanwhile, in another email campaign, you would possibly see 3,000 email opens but only 60 clicks, which gets you a 2% CTR.

● So how does one determine which campaign is more effective? The solution is that the former because while open rates play an essential role, getting people to take action after reading your email is more important.

● Besides, this also allows you to know the effectiveness of your email subject line and your email content. The best and most effective emails make people curious enough to open and be motivated to click and explore more.

● In any case, both of these examples have enormous room for improvement because we are striving to achieve an industry average of 20% to 30%. For triggered emails, the perfect CTR should be even higher.

Here we'll share with you 4 methods you'll be able to use to improve your email marketing and CTR exponentially.

1. Creating a decent relationship with your list:

● When promoting something, please make sure that it's something people care about.

● Try to understand the cause behind people signed up for your list in the first place. Knowing why they signed up is vital.

● Often, sending 'related' items is usually important because it adds another level of importance to get on your email list.

● Also, make sure that you don't make promises in your emails that aren't fulfilled when people click.

● If you consistently look out at these issues, you'll build a decent relationship together with your list.

● Include a transparent call to action to your email to enhance email click-through rates.

● Also, make it very obvious what you would like people to ensure that it's easy for them to finish that task. It's essential to follow these steps, especially when it comes to using a call to action within email marketing:

● Make a unique call-to-action that your subscriberscan click on and not multiple options. This suggests that you should give people only one thing to do.

● Also, don't distract people with links that don't contribute to the singular goal you have for that specific email.

● Also, ensure that your call-to-action portrays the results of clicking, either explaining the advantage of clicking. Otherwise, you can state what your offer is.

● Don't use dull or bland language when describing the benefit on offer.

● You should aim for two emotions when writing your calls-to-action, i.e., urgency or curiosity.

2. Include a transparent call-to-action:

Here you can use a list of words that invoke curiosity. Make use of those words when writing your calls-to-action, and you ought to experience an uptick in clicks.

A clear call to action wins the customer's click. For best results, give people one thing to try once they read your email, and they'll likely roll in the hay. CTA placement is additionally essential. For instance, Digital Doughnuts found that putting their CTA on the right side of the email increased the email marketing click rate.

3. Listening to how you format emails:

● When you're formatting emails, ensure the text is less complicated to read, and therefore the call-to-action is more prominent and, therefore, more 'clickable.'

● If you would like 'single column formatting' to work extraordinarily well, ensure your email is simple to scan.

● You can do that by partitioning the text into easy to read paragraphs and with the utilization of 'buttons.'

● However, for an e-commerce store, it's going to be the case that you got to provide people with multiple calls-to-action within a similar email.

● The best method to do this is by having explicit calls-to-action for every section.

● If you would like to enhance click-through rates for your email marketing campaigns, you'll also want to develop a healthy and robust willingness to check.

● Experiment with using different sorts of language when writing your call-to-action.

● Consider trying out various types of formatting.

● Also, experiment with the time that you send your emails.

4. Having a willingness to test:

Send out different campaigns at different times. Eventually, you'll begin to note some patterns on which times work best.

Final words

Of course, each campaign is different,and so your email marketing goals are. So, put relative CTR that leads towards your goals. Suppose you find out or discover that your performance needs to be improved. Practice all 4 methods for the most effective CTR rate. CBM helps its clients to design emails best CTR to enhance clicks.

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