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4 Optin A/B Tests You Need to Do to Increase Subscribers

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07 Jan 2021

A/B testing is commonly used for analyzing the performance of any two web pages or emails by comparing them. The process is widely used for measuring the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns. Marketers compare the two versions of their marketing assets (web pages or emails) to see the performance of both variations. It’s like a competition between two of your own products.

In this competition, you put the performances of both of your marketing campaigns head to head, and then analyze which of the campaign is getting a better response.

Marketers use A/B testing to know which marketing technique is working out for them. It helps them formulate even better marketing strategies for their web pages and emails in the future.

To be able to efficiently use the A/B testing, a marketer must know its mechanism. Hence, find out all about A/B testing in this article.

How does A/B Testing work?

Here is an example to help you understand the process of A/B testing.

Think of having two different designs for a web page, design A and design B. You like both of them, but you have to drop one. To drop one, you want to know which design will have a better impact.

Therefore, to measure that impact you send the design A to one group of customers and the design B to another group. It will help you evaluate the performance of each design for the specific web page. You can track the performance by reviewing the traffic, clicks, or conversions on each of the web page design. Based on these activity markers, you can easily decide which design will be more effective for the web page.

What’s great is that this method has also proven to be quite effective in turning your website visitors into subscribers.

How to Use A/B Testing To Get More Subscribers?

Using the A/B test results, you can optimize your marketing strategies. The results obtained from these tests are quite quick, precise, and reliable. These tests serve as an effective means of communication with the prospects and customers in getting their opinion on your websites. Hence, they enable you to develop a highly customer-oriented website.

Many marketers struggle with A/B testing because they are not sure where to start and how. If you are in a similar dilemma, this article is a helpful guide to look at optin A/B tests that are pretty useful in boosting subscribers.

4 Best Optin A/B Tests For Your Website

Let’s jump to some of the best optin A/B tests than can help your website in getting more subscribers. These A/B tests are also your solution to make your email marketing more effective.

1. A/B Test Exit Intent Popups

A/B Test Exit Intent Popups is an excellent strategy to boost your subscribers. This strategy directs you to use optin forms on your website. The popups appear on the screen for the visitor when they are exiting your site. If they liked the product on your website, then Exit Intent popups are good to convince them to subscribe to your site. Doing so at the very last-minute appeal to their subconscious mind that they should stay connected with the website before exiting the page.

For the people who do not wish to sign up on your site, you can simply conclude that your site failed to impress them. Therefore, you should consider taking a look at what exactly are they looking for and what more do you need to add to your site to convince them to sign-up on it.

You can try a few different techniques including changing incentives, trying a new design or layout colors, and changing the content. Keep running A/B tests to choose the best technique based on the engagement metrics.

Pay close attention to your audience’s responses to even the smallest changes. Minor changes like the color of buttons on your site can make a huge difference. However, tracking the effects of these changes can be a real deal that is why optin A/B testing is crucial.

2. Test Floating Bars versus Slide-in Scrolls

Another way to boost your subscribers is to use Floating Bars. There is a time when a static optin form fails to grab the visitor’s attention. That’s where switching to a floating bar or slide-in scroll box comes into action. They another effective tool to grab visitors’ attention.

You can run bar tests to see which of them are working for the site and getting successful results in hailing the engagements. This optin A/B test is very easy to use. You just have to run two versions of your website.

Use a floating bar for one version and a slide-in scroll box for the other. While operating both the versions, closely observe which of them is successfully turning more visitors into subscribers. The winner is your answer and is also your new optin form type.

3. Experiment with Urgency Signals

It is another way to appeal to the visitors’ subconscious minds to your benefit. By appealing, visitors with a form that has a time limit can help you get more subscribers. These forms usually create a sense of urgency in the visitors which increases their chances of signing up the subscription form solely under pressure.

You can use exclusive offers that will only stay for a short period. For example, a flat 25% off on your products or services for a holiday or Independence Day sale. It creates an impression on the visitors that if they don’t stay connected to the site, they will miss out on such amazing offers.

4. Number of Existing Subscribers and Other Social Proof

Assuring your subscribers of their value is another effective technique of enhancing your subscribers’ list. You can do that by displaying the number of your existing subscribers on your webpages, creating an impression of how people enjoy being your subscriber.

When the numbers of subscribers you have are highlighted in your sign-up forms, it also makes your site seem trustworthy to the visitors. Things like celebrity endorsements, reviews, and feedback can also urge visitors to subscribe to your website.


Now that you have a clear idea of what is A/B testing and the 4 optin A/B tests that can boost your subscribers, fold your sleeves and get down to improving your subscriber list right away. The A/B tests discussed in the article have shown extremely useful results that further helps to design amazing marketing strategies.

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