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3 Ways To Save Time On Email Outreach (Quickly Reach More Bloggers And Influencers)!

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06 Jan 2021

Email outreach is the way of getting in touch with influencers or bloggers via email, to whom you propose to form a partnership or affiliation or to backlink the content. Email outreach is integral to successful marketing especially in today's time when influencers are trusted more than the brand itself.

3 Lucrative Ways To Speed Up Email Outreach

1. Get Information From “Rapportive”!

Through rapportive, you get detailed information about your contacts with their email addresses inside your inbox. It enables you to know, who they are, where they are located, and what they are associated with. It establishes a rapport for you when you mention the shared interests.

Moreover, you can grow the network by connecting on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

It gets you a little more knowledgeable about the person you are trying to contact while performing outreach. Since not everyone has their email addresses displaying their names and you are aware of the fact that the key to effective outreach is preventing from showing a spammy template or an email blast. Thus, by using this tool, you can know the appropriate address and name of your recipient and articulate them accordingly.

For instance, while reaching a coupon blogger and offering a guest post or a widget in return. In case they are residing in a different country than yours, you can come up with specific offers accordingly.

Moreover, you can also get notified of their latest tweets or their photos and posts. All in all, this tool is an excellent helping hand for email marketers. All you have to do is enter their name or email address in the search bar and let it process. It will display all the details about those whom you are trying to reach within seconds. It will save time as well as strengthen your relationship with bloggers and influencers.

2. Accelerate Outreach Without Sounding Like A Spammer!

Imagine you have to reach a lot of bloggers and sites but you are on a busy schedule and unable to personally write to all of them. This is when you create a template but still, you need to copy this template into Gmail so you can replace the space filters through blogger’s name, site, incentive, etc.

By using it continuously, you will notice an error. You must have got the idea about what I am pointing to if you are in SEO and do a regular outreach!

For instance, if you are using a template saying “I really liked the XYZ blog, and felt it’s a great fit”, then no matter you liked the article or blog, you will give an impact like you don’t care anymore! Pretty terrible right? But thanks to Mail merges AKA, that’s an easy solution to stop this from happening!

AKA Mail merges provides you with an opportunity to put in space filters in your Ms. word letter that is harmonizing with an Excel workbook and hence it will settle the contents of a particular cell/row into the Ms. Word document.

It's an incredible tool! Once your Excel and word document are linked, you’ll never miss a space filler, sometimes you can add another line you like about your bloggers and sometimes you can opt to copy and paste the message.

3. Go For Canned Responses!

A canned response is an immediate and faster reply to those questions from your audience that are common and you keep on receiving them, which you can save in the customer service mechanism and then refer them whenever they are required.

Since outreaching, the email can get you those bands too who are dormant or unresponsive and you have to give answers to similar questions again and again. Canned responses are better than creating a bunch of templates in Word! You can find them in Google labs. They will help you incredibly in saving time while answering commonly asked questions as it fastens a formatted text block. You can begin answering the questions that are distinct while using the canned responses for those which are common.

Effective Tools To Assist Email Outreach

Apart from these techniques to save time while outreaching I have some bonus whiffs, that will help you to run your email outreach program efficiently;

· CBT Mass Email Sender:

CBT allows you to run specific searches to find the relevant influencers and bloggers in seconds. You can simply use keywords, containing locations, niche, etc. It further assists you in maintaining your mailing list and sending out bulk emails in specific templates.

· Roojet:

· Mailshake:

It is another Blogger outreach software that has a database of pre-written outreach email templates. It allows you to;

Build relationships, promote content, and generate leads.

Generate your personalized outreach emails by answering a few questions.

See your prospect responses on your outreach email campaign and track your progress report.

· Buzzsumo:

It’s an amazing tool that helps you to find the best performing content. It sorts the content by location, type, and rank. It regulates the content based on its social shares thus, you can reach out to the right influencers.

Wrapping Up!

You must have heard about some outstanding corporations having incredible content, products, and services but have no traffic on their websites.

Through efficient marketing strategies, businesses can accelerate their way to success. By working with an influencer, you can get that stage faster, as they will help you enhance your identity and stimulate the revenues.

While running an email outreach program, you definitely will face immense difficulties in finding and winning appropriate influencers. Thus, embrace the ways mentioned in this article and unite with agreeable people efficiently.

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