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3 Types of Businesses that Can’t Afford to Buy Email Lists

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07 Jan 2021

Email marketing is an ideal way to develop relations with your current customers and reach out to leads to convert them into your buyers. It allows you to keep your customers up to date and make the most out of your digital marketing campaigns. It provides your e-commerce store better overall engagement rates and returns on investment (ROI).

However, for a successful email marketing campaign, you require an email list that is relevant to your audience and allows you to offer them what you’re looking for.

If you’re reading this, it is pretty sure you’re in marketing and looking for a way to quickly grow your email list. Email marketing is one of the most commonly used digital marketing techniques to reach out to your potential clientele and increase your ROI.

However, the problem is, most of the people purchase or rent out email list to contact new leads. These lists are no less than trouble. They are usually recycled or contain old emails that are discarded and no longer in use.

Here are 3 types of businesses that can’t afford to buy email lists and should avoid them.

Three Types of Businesses That Should Avoid Buying An Email List

1. New Businesses

With every one of us looking for shortcuts, new businesses easily mistake purchasing lists and end up either with legal repercussions or their reputation is ruined before their business has even opened.

With a new startup or business, finding people relevant to your company and services is crucial. This will improve your business to client communication, and you will be able to understand your clients’ needs better, resulting in an increased ROI.

2. Established Businesses That Are New To Email Marketing

Email marketing brings out an ROI of 4400%. Considering these stats, many running businesses are opting for email marketing to boost their B2C interaction and improve their overall engagement rates. It also serves you with a way to connect with both new and present clientele.

Increased bounce rates and low engagement rates, spam reports add to lowering your sender reputation. A better way to run an email marketing campaign for pre-existing businesses would be inviting your present clients and providing them with a way to opt-in for your email marketing campaign. Because they know what you’re offering and are interested in what you’re offering.

3. Small-Medium Businesses that are looking for a way to grow quickly

According to a research, more than 75% of marketers have currently found an incremental change in email engagement.

Furthermore, communication is the key to customer satisfaction. In case you’re communicating via emails, there’s a strong possibility they might not be delivered if you’re using purchased email lists. This adversely affects your email deliverability due to irrelevant audiences and hence damages the reputation of your business.

Steps to Take for Organic List Growth


Purchased lists are often over-used or recycled and contain misinformation. These lead your email marketing to poor email deliverability and adversely affect your reputation. It also risks the closing of your accounts by the ESP. However, organic list growth incorporates SMS and Email marketing for a better engagement rate. It also includes in-person promotions and blog subscriptions.

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