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3 Email Marketing Automation Mistakes to Avoid

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05 Jan 2021

Email automation is a blessing and reward to any marketer, only when they have done it right.

Even most of us make email marketing mistakes when sending automated email sequences. Above all, aren't they supposed to make things easier?

Please avoid email marketing mistakes. If you want high conversions and happy recipients, you need to make sure that you don't overlook 5 exclusive email marketing automation mistakes to keep your deliverability and reputation high.

Too much, too soon:

It is effortless to let your aspiration to take over when you are starting to implement any new program like email automation. Some risks also occur in email automation, and one of the primary risks is that your subscribers will get placed in on many new automated flows. This may also be entirely unintentional on your part but regardless is likely to hurt your recipients.

One important point must keep in mind that your subscribers might be irritated due to the increased frequency (even your email automation content may be the more targeted base). They may end up unsubscribing from your email marketing list, marking you as spam. The scenario is not good, but, luckily, you can decrease this risk with a little preparation.


You should start your email automation plan with only a few email flows because this experience may help you against feature risks. No doubt less can yield more, so don't think negatively and feel like having fewer automation flows diminishes. It all depends on how effective your email campaign can be.

When you started sending your first email automation, keep an eye on your email engagement. If you want better results, you need to focus your energy around the most telling engagement metrics, such as opening click-through rates.

Losing the personal touch:

When you start your email campaigns to streamline and automate, there is a significant risk that your email content will begin to lose personalization. One of the most important things you want to do is your email behave like a robot in front of your audience, and this can only happen with 1 to many email blast campaigns.

No matter what type of email you're sending, email content, tone, and voice are critical when you want to stand out in the inbox and get your recipients' attention.


Spend a lot of time while creating useful and modern email content. Writing and creating visuals for your audience should not be a consideration for your email marketing campaigns, and this should be the focus of your workflow.

Another technique that enables you to send an email at the right time is to examine your email segment and make sure that they are accurate and up to date. It depends on how profitable your segments are. For example, subscriber behavior is an excellent segment to create on your list–the more relevant your content can be. (To make sure you are always following the solution for mistake #1 here too!)

For example, if you make comparisons and divide them into segments between those who rarely use your emails and others who regularly use, open, click, and share your content. Your recipient's lists vary. Maybe some are interested in only promotions, while some are interested in marketing campaigns.

Moreover, we use CBT Essential Guide for optimizing email segmentation.

Not updating your priority center to indicate the increase in emails:

Once you start your email automation campaign, most of your subscribers will receive increased emails. Email updating is necessary, and if you don't update your preference content for new campaigns, it will cut out the connection between your audience and your emails.


Someone can update their preference center and modify their email receiving updates, like how many emails they receive. Make sure that your preference center is clean and clear and it doesn't require any update. Make sure you have calculated the new flows and whether that creates a new type of email campaign, although a priority center will look different and also provide different options."

If you want to improve your email content, then you need to learn more knowledge because it is only possible if you spend time on it. And remember that even if people have filled in a priority center, you will still need to monitor their actions and whether their engagement reflects the priority they've selected.


Email marketing technology is fascinating due to its great features and extensive usage to provide relief to email marketers. No matter how big or small your email programs are and what organization you work in. When you do on email marketing automation for adding more programs to your campaign, then make sure and beware of:

● Email overload: Keep in mind that if you send too many emails to your subscribers, whether automated or not, it will increase the risk of unsubscribing.

● Generic content: Don't lose your email content's personality and make sure that whatever emails your subscribers receive are relevant and valuable. If those are not relevant, it increases the spam risks and causes decreases in your reputation.

● Priority center adjustments: When you add different types of emails into your email automation program, make sure your priority center indicates that your recipients can opt-out of individual emails.

And finally, don't forget to have FUN with your email marketing campaigns. If you're starting with email automation, put yourself in your audience's shoes and let THE CREATIVITY DO ITS WONDERS.

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