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3 Effortless Email Copywriting Techniques That Will Power Up Your Conversations

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05 Jan 2021

Email marketing is considered in the global world to be the most effective tool when it comes to market your product or service on the internet. People strive hard to get a high click and open rate because they cannot send emails to customers.

Several studies have proved that 55% of people decide in the first 15 seconds whether your email is worth spending time or not. This is where copywriting introduces itself. It is essential to learn good copywriting If you want your visitors to stay and finish analyzing your emails to respond or increase the conversion rate.

First, understand what copywriting isto learn the 3 most effective copywriting techniques to increase the email response rate.

What Is Copywriting?

Copywriting is a writing content technique to convince people to take your desired actions, such as making the purchase of goods or services or hiring you if you are writing a job email.

As mentioned above, copywriting is an art of convincing people,making it crucial for email marketers to learn copywriting to increase their conversion rate.

To achieve a high conversion rate, you need to leave an impact on people. It would be best if you created an illusion that by not subscribing to your newsletter or email updates, they make a big mistake. Several copywriting techniques can give you desired results out of which we are going to discuss the essential copywriting methods below.

3 Copywriting Techniques for Effective Conversation

Subject line

It is not the first time we have put the subject line under the list of useful tools to generate clicks and opens. The subject line is the first line read by the recipient to understand what your email is about. Various things need to be done carefully in the subject line. After all, if the subject line is not tempting, the person will not open your email.

How to write an effective subject line

Following are some tips which can help you write a compelling subject line

● The most popular way to create a compelling subject line is by personalizing the subject line. You can write the name and city of the recipient in the subject line. This will give a sense of importance to your reader.

● Keep your subject line relevant and to the point. Just imagine yourself in a situation where you receive an email with a subject line longer than 50 words, or it says totally in contrast to what is mentioned in the actual email. What will be your reactions? Will you not put that email in the junk folder or unsubscribe? To avoid this, try to put a short subject line in your email, keeping it relevant to the email content.

We hope that you have already identified what was wrong with your emails.

Let's move forward to the next copyright technique.

Do Your Research

People think that writing emails, articles, blogs, etc., is difficult, whereas, in reality, the case is quite the opposite. The most challenging section in writing is to research and gather useful information to add in your email,your email structure, and decide which content will stay in writing and which will remain in your brain.

The most crucial copyright technique is to gather as much information as possible because your writing reflects how much data you contain on a specific topic. Good copywriting research is not limited to the content only. Various things need to be appropriately executed for effective copywriting. Use the famous formula for copywriting, i.e., Problem, Promise, Prove, and Proposal, known as 4ps.

Your first step must be to identify your recipient's problem for which you can promise them a solution.

Convince your reader that you are the only right person that can help them by showing some proof, or showing off your knowledge is also not a bad idea. The last and the 4th part/step is to impress them enough to take your desired actions.

A question that can be asked here is how to identify the problem? This is where the idea of setting a goal for your email can be understood well.

If you set the goal for your email, you may decide what your target audience is.

Knowing your audience will help you research their habits, which will further lead you to hit their pain points to take advantage of emotions.

Emotions are thought to be assertive when it comes to making people take specific actions. Emotions can also be diverted by using colors and themes that are considered useful for changing a person's mood.

Let us bring into light that not only colors but, there are some words also that can make somebody cry, emotional, enthusiastic, motivated, or positive, to take some actions. Use your internet to find a list of these powerful words.

Just Say What They Want To Hear

3rd effortless copywriting technique, according to us, is to talk with the recipient about the benefits they are going to get through your service or product, instead of writing a long email about the features of your work.

Keep in mind that your email is about your customer, not you. Try this technique, dedicate 70% of your email to the customer and utilize the rest 30% to explain the features your product holds. To understand this point deeply, let's look at an example.

"Our product has a high inbox rate."

"Send thousands of emails through CBT Mass Email Sender."


The first example is more inclined towards the selling part, whereas the second sentence is more about the customer. It is highly important to show that you care about your customer to start the conversation.

Final words

To summarize the whole idea of 3 effortless copywriting techniques, we can say that good copywriting is a mixture of the captivated subject line, benefits you offer for your customer, and dedicated research.

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