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24 Email Marketing Best Practices Tips for 2021

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05 Jan 2021

One of the primary constituents of customer investment initiatives for companies is email marketing. Moreover, you will know that many elements should be kept in mind to run your campaign by maintaining the email marketing program efficiently.

I will discuss some of the best practices you can follow to make email marketing more effective and efficient.

Email marketing strategy and preparation

1. Get to know your audience

The most important thing before you start sending emails to the recipient is a deep understanding of customers. You can ask them to reply to the fundamental questions to know their preference.

● How do they want to be communicated, and what time is suitable for them?

● Is there a specific content that attracts them more than other content? (Great element to the A/B test)?

● What actions and activities make your audience different from the rest of the population?

No one is an expert in any field when the first time around. It will enable you to get critical perception and data regarding your recipient so that you can make significant changes to boost your email marketing campaigns.

2. Experiment to see what resonates

A/B test of your email subject line to their calls to action (CTAs) is an essential practice. Below are some tips when keeping in mind during testing proves very beneficial.

● Testing of only one element at a time (otherwise inconclusive results will show)

● Presence of significant sample size in your testing

● After finding a winning element, move onto the next element test!

But keep in mind that product changes so do your recipients. Therefore testing is required at every stage.

3. Follow a pre-send checklist

You can take your email campaign to a whole next level if you create a checklist of all the essential steps that need rechecking before pressing the send button.

4. Select significant metrics to track and measure against

There are so many metrics out there but slow down. There is no need for them to be complicated. To find out what metrics are best to monitor, you should first determine your email's purpose.

● If there is an essential update to your terms of service, then provide a gripping and urgent subject line to measure their opening rates.

● If there is an offer or discount extension, the primary metric to watch is your click rate.

5. Personalize your emails

Personalization is not a new thing in email marketing, but it is becoming essential for the efficient working of the email programs. Therefore, one should pay heed to this practice. Personalization depends on the user's data you have.

6. Have a plan for the holidays

Holidays are the jolliest time, and subscribers are expecting more promotions and deals this season. But it is also the most spam time. Therefore one should be mindful and courteous about sending emails.

7. Quality beats frequency

Email marketing has proven itself as a powerful tool for digital communication. But it does not mean that increasing the rate of emails will also increase its effectiveness. Sending too many emails to your recipients may lead to the opposite result.

Furthermore, it can also lead to recipients' un-subscription or, worse, mark your email as spam. The best strategy is to start slow and check your audience responds to your email sending frequency.

8. Nail your timing

One should send its email not at the peak time of labor because it can lead to more chances of your email being delayed. Also, it may not be received by the recipient at the time that you want. Therefore, consider sending your emails on 'off' time.

9. Reward your VIPs

Subscribers who always open and click your email deserve an extra reward for their engagement. VIPs are your major diplomats resulting in getting valuable information from your VIPs.

When testing out the call to action button, it's good to start with your VIP recipients first. Surveying your VIPs leads to improvement in your email program. Therefore, be sure to reward them with special offers and discounts.

10. Review your landing pages

You should carefully work on your landing pages because they must offer a seamless transition. For example, if you want your recipient to view a particular product, send them directly to the landing page for that product instead of your homepage.

11. Build your email list

Even if you started from scratch or get a list of email addresses beforehand, it's necessary to verify that they have subscribed by their own choice and consent.

12. Segment your email list

Email marketing used to be more of a "batch and blast" communication system before everyone will receive the same email, but now you'll experience higher engagement rates with your customers. Segmentation plays an integral part in boosting up email marketing.

You could segment them based on their preferences and taste.

13. Don't take unsubscribes personally

Over time, some recipients may not want to hear from you anymore. Therefore you should provide them with an unsubscribe button. Because if the user cannot find that button, then there is also a spam option for them, which is not suitable for you.

14. Clean your list regularly

Some people will take time to unsubscribe, while many of them choose to ignore your emails. This will cause harm to your delivery rates. It will also consider unwanted emails to ISPs.

Therefore one should remove those persons who have not opened your emails for quite a long time.

15. Keep your email design consistent and on-brand

We know that all designers aren't emailed designers, so we have to keep an eye on this factor while using a template or hiring a designer. The content of the email shouldn't be too confusing for your recipient. Simply it should be easy to understand that where and from whom it came.

While designing your templates, one should keep in mind that they provide just what is needed, like a clicking bait through an email to your website. It should be clear so the recipient knows what would be the next step.

16. The subject line should be attractive for the recipient

The recipient who already has a loaded inbox needs something to decide whether to open or ignore the email.

The subject line should be small consist of three to five words. Keep the main body and subject line separate, and one should write it after completing the mail's main body.

17. Adjust your copywriting for email

Some essential and useful scale pointers will create your skill of engaging copywriting reliably. It doesn't matter if you fight or go with the flow while writing an email copy.

18. Avoid giving 'no-reply' as name

Sending an email with a no-reply name tag will give a stiff, unfriendly 1:1 conversation look. Avoid using this, or it will just make the recipient drop interest before even reading the email. And it is just very impolite in a general way.

19. Send welcome emails to new subscribers

Of course, it will look obvious, but your subscribers will like a warm welcome. Moreover, these welcome emails will make your way so you can say hello to them, and also, you can introduce yourself to them once again. You can tell them about what they will receive from you in the future.

20. Make it double selection

How do recipients access your email list? There are numerous ways to do this, like single selection, double selection, and pre-approved multiple item selection.

We highly recommend the double choice method, which requires recipients to not only click on their login page. But also follow a link in their email confirming that their dual intent from the start.

21. Send at a consistent rhythm

Reducing the transmission volume to a steady level indicates that you are not a fisher or a spam maker. If you send large amounts of emails, be sure to accumulate the amount that may delay the delivery date gradually.

22. Follow the rules: General Data Protection Act (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Act (GDPR) dominated many email marketing discussions in 2018, and this trend is expected to continue.

The GDPR applies to data processing by individuals of any size, whether from the European Union or outside the European Union. The latter provide goods or facilities to the European Union or screen the performance of European Union users.

If you send emails to European users, it is essential to understand the law and know if you need to make any changes to your email content.

23. Find out how many IP addresses you need

This option is provided by many email service providers (ESPs) to send emails to a shared or dedicated IP address. You are the only sender when sending from a dedicated IP and your balance (and how it affects your delivery) is yours alone.

If you are sending a marketing email and a transactional email, it is best to separate both email flows. Since transactional email is so essential and user-requested, you don't risk handing it over by combining it with reputation marketing emails (usually much less engagement).

24. Test your email display every time:

Before sending make, sure browser testing is part of your checklist. It will help you, so you can avoid sending emails that weren't appropriately crafted.

If the recipient cannot see or read your email, they will not be able to share, and this can have long-term consequences, especially for the sender.


Creating innovative and effective email marketing campaigns doesn't have to be a daunting task. With CBT mass email sender, your emails will be well-featured and delivered.

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