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2 Ways To Grow Your Email List Fast

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06 Jan 2021

Have you ever heard the phrase, “the money is in the list”?

It’s true!

Emails are one of the most profitable assets for a business.

Whether you’re a neophyte or a predominantenterprise, the notion of an “email list” has a main rapport with the victory of your marketing campaign. If you want to boostyour email list and procure more subscribers, then you are inthe right place. This article will not only instruct you about what an email list isbut will also elucidate the 2 easiest ways to hoist it.

What’s An Email List?

Your email list is a coalition of subscribers either prospects or site visitors. In comprehensive terms, you add an email address to your list every time you sell to a new client. Or else you have to work on growing your email list.

This brings to the question, “how do you acquire more emails?”Let’s move on and discover ways without swaggering anymore.

How To Grow Email List?

1. Offer Lead Magnets Or Opt-in Incentives

Stimulatingpeople to subscribe by offering them an incentive in a substitute is a great way to upgrade your email lists. Once they find a reason to subscribe, they ultimately will revamp from a site visitor to a subscriber. This can be done with an opt-in form.

Kinds Of Lead Magnets

When analyzing the lead magnets, a free eBook is the first option that clicks in our mind, as they are easy to build and people also relish them. But the list doesn’t end there; check out the following lead magnets.

Hopefully, this simple guide towards selecting an adequate legal magnet will help you with choosing an appropriate one for your business. Around 50% of the marketers who propose these incentives have reported elevated conversion rates.

2. Undertake Social Proof

To lift your email list, add social proof to your sign-up forms. Social proof serves as a psychological phenomenon where people confirm to the actions of others under the assumption that those actions are reflective of the correct behavior. We can assert, that people are more inclined towards choices and decisions which people before them have made and shared on social media. This technique proves effective in convincing your visitors of your worth.

You can use 6 various social proofs as per your scenario;

· Customers

Your existing customers can help you convert new visitors into loyal customers. The adequate way to do this is to add reviews of recent purchases. Thus, whenever a customer visits your platform a social proof pops up on the nook of the screen. It encourages visitors to try out your product.

· Specialists

Using the allegationof credible and authoritative experts in your domain is a great way to secure more subscribers. For instance, Nature Made, a health company, uses the evidence that pharmacists have commendedtheir brand's supplements over others.

· Celebrities

People love to do what their favorite people do. You can enticepeople to take action by using celebrity endorsements for your product or service.

· Crowds

To get subscribers, many businesses use this social proof on their email signup forms. The number of new signups depends upon the previous signups. Through this, you are explaining the worth of your product.

· People Like You

When you know your target audience, youformulateyour marketing campaign according to it, which makes people feel more valued. It can also encourage them to further share your products or services with their family and friends.

· Stamps Of Consent

Adding an official stamp is an influential way to stimulate conversions., on their contact form, has entailed the stamps of Better Business Bureau and Verisign, which is the sign of security and credential. You can use such stamps to make people feel secure on your site and for your brand's cordiality too.


Boosting the email list is the ultimate requirement of every successful email marketing campaign. Though there are various techniques to grow an email list, two of the most effective ones are mentioned above.Studies have shown that emails knock out every other source of online marketing in terms of ROI. Then marketers, what are you waiting for? Assess these ways, embracethem in your signup emails, and contemplate the abrupt rates of conversions.

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