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17 Ways To Increase Your Online Sales Using Email Autoresponder

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04 Jan 2021

Your email autoresponders play a significant role in building your audience's trust and bolstering your authority. But most importantly they can incredibly increase your sales.

What Are Autoresponders?

Autoresponder is a series of pre-written emails that are automatically sent to the subscribers. It doesn't only contain 'Thank you emails' but many other well-planned emails as well.

Here are 17 ways to increase your sales using email autoresponder:

1- The Welcome Email

Always start your autoresponder email series with a welcome email. It'll make your emails personalized. To make your email more effective you can also offer some additional bonuses for your new subscribers. For example, you can offer some sale or a surprise gift with their first purchase.

2- Focus On Content

While sending autoresponder emails focus on the quality of the content rather than the quantity. Create valuable content for your subscribers. People can easily unsubscribe from your emails If they don't find emails valuable for them. Therefore, it is important to keep your emails simple, short, and engaging.

3- Target Emails Accordingly

While planning your content, start segmenting your subscribers based on their interests. And send only the relevant content to each segment of your subscribers. It'll help you send only those emails to your subscribers that'll best fit their interests.

4- Referral Bonus Emails

Using referral bonus emails can incredibly increase your email signups and boost your sales. When you offer a bonus for referrals your subscribers eagerly refer their friends to sign-up for your email.

5- Personalize Your Emails

Your subscribers shouldn't know that you are sending them autoresponders. It could affect their trust and credibility with your emails. The simplest way to personalize your emails is by adding your subscriber's names. Start your emails like 'Good morning Harry'.

6- Focus On Frequency

The frequency of your emails can have a great effect on your email signups and your sales. It is important to send at least one email in a week to make sure that people don't forget you. But keep in mind that over sending emails can have a drastic effect on your sending reputation. Excessive emails piling up in your subscriber’s inbox can make them hit the unsubscribe button. Therefore, while configuring an autoresponder with CBT Mass Email Sender set a frequency defining the number of emails you'll send in a week.

7- Follow Up On Purchases

Sending product details is not all. You also need to thank your buyers for the purchase and what could be better than setting up an autoresponder for that. When a visitor buys something from your website, the autoresponder instantly sends a ‘thank you’ email to the customer. You can also use it as a call to action such as tell your audience about more sales or deals and ask for a review or a referral. It can be very helpful to build trust and relationships with your customers.

8- Avoid TheHardshell

People buy things based on their trust in your company as the days of hardshell are gone now. Sending emails that are just trying to persuade people to buy your products can destroy your relationship with your subscribers. It's better to move on slowly. Instead of just asking them to buy your product try to demonstrate that product. Tell them the benefits or how to use that product. Doing this will make people trust your company, which will bring you more loyal customers.

9- Select A Smart Topic

While planning your autoresponder email series make sure to choose a smart and catchy topic. Autoresponders can be boring but using some attractive information can make them entertaining. You can choose a topic in many ways:

Giving your subscribers a topic of their choice can make them listen to your call to action.

10-Add Case Study

When people are about to buy something, they have a lot of questions in their minds from pricing to whether the product will work for them or not. Adding a case study will answer all their questions and will build up their trust in you.

11-Add A Quick Tip

Instead of adding lengthy information about your product offer a quick tip in your autoresponder for your subscribers. Adding too much information to your email can make it boring and people won't like to open your emails again. Therefore, just add a quick tip, add a link to your blog that describes your product in detail.

12-Add Prior Customer's Reviews

The best way to bring credibility to your business is by adding real reviews about your products or services in the email. When people will read the good reviews about your product, they'll tend to buy that product, which will considerably boost your sales.

13-Show Credibility To Big Names

Everyone wants to get the best. Using big names can incredibly increase the credibility of your business. When people will know that famous people are buying your products, they would love to buy your products. But use this thing appropriately and naturally in your email. For example, you can write like:

'Ariana Grande spotted in our velvet dress'.

14-Add Stories

People love stories. You can add stories about how you started your business or any strange incident that happened with your business. Or simply add any entertaining story that relates to your brand. It'll give people a better understanding of your brand.

15-Add FAQ

Many successful email marketers add FAQ in their emails. It won't make your emails look unprofessional rather make your emails more informative. When people will read those FAQs, they'll get answers to all their queries regarding your product.

16-Teach Your Subscribers

Don't just highlight the benefits of your products. Instead, educate people about your product and ways to use it. For example, if you are marketing your web building tool then teach your subscribers a little about how to build a website.

17-Pitch To Abandoned Carts

Strategically use your emails to remind and convince your subscribers to complete the purchase that they have left halfway. They might be contemplating between different products and brands and one powerful email from you can trigger them into checking out their abandoned cart.


Sending autoresponder emails can greatly increase your sales. However, you need to understand the basic tactics to use these autoresponders. Remember to be concise, engaging, and valuable.

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