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14 Newsletter Branding Ideas To Boost Engagement

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04 Jan 2021

Approximately 121 business emails are sent and received daily.

Standing out in a crowded inbox of over a hundred emails is not easy. You need to take some particular measures to increase your chances of gaining attention and securing better ROI. One of the most effective strategies to ensure that is adding your brand image in your newsletter.

This notch towards creating a brand identity holds a lot of worth because according to research 60% of consumers do not go for purchasing from new brands. Thus, when people familiarize themselves with your brand, they are more inclined to open your emails.

Here are 14 newsletter branding ideas for you to boost your newsletter engagement.

1. Craft A Strong Subject Line

Craft a robust subject line to get more views and opens. Here are three of the most effective ways to create an attractive subject line.

2. Color and Font

Colors can have a huge impact on your branding efforts as they boost brand recognition by 80%. You can add a compounded color effect by border and background colors differently.

Moreover, you can also add a visual variety by using separate colors from your brand logo. Keep in mind that your background should color work well with the font color, enabling the readers to easily read the text.

Make sure that the font size you are using on your webpage matches with the font size of your newsletter to create a familiar effect.

3. Rich Media

It refers to images, videos, and GIFs. They are an effective way to get your subscribers to recognize your brand. Make sure that the images and videos you are using on your web page and newsletter are similar so that the readers can identify your brand quickly.

For instance, Axios' Media Trends Newsletter provides a weekly recap of industry news through various graphs and charts and breakdown the data into infographics.

4. Make It Personal

Adding a sense of personalization in your newsletter can assure subscribers that you are listening to them. Accept readers’ responses and feedback to make your brand familiar with them. Moreover, you can use user-generated content i.e. photos, videos, or any sort of news provided to you by your customers and prospects. It can be your customers’ social media post or a direct message to you. Thus, it generates a sense of relatedness among your subscribers towards your brand.

5. Showcase Your Personality

Create a unique brand personality that the receivers eagerly look forward to in a crowded inbox. Moreover, if you are working in a team, profile each worker to help the readers relate with your team. This will let your subscribers know that the newsletter they are reading is not robot generated rather it’s based on a group effort.

6. Include Call ToAction

To boost your newsletter engagement, you need a strong and compelling CTA button. Thus, apart from including the ordinary CTAs like “click here”, go for phrases like “sign up for free”, “Try product XYZ now”, etc. They can be more helpful in generating prompt responses. You can create the best CTAs through CBT Mass Email Sender that allows for easy testing.

7. Create Contests

People love to win prizes. Thus, host contests and offer incentives through your newsletter to boost engagement rates. If you continue to offer such interactive content at regular intervals, receivers will keenly look forward to your emails.

Newsletter, like The Skimm and Morning Brew offers swag, trips, and other incentives to those subscribers who bring in new subscriptions by referring their brand to others. Hence, this mechanism can grow your readership and maintain your bond with existing subscribers.

8. FAQs

Newsletters are an effective way to deal with queries that may arise in your business. And they can also boost your relationship with readers. For instance, in this period of coronavirus, the new schedules and duration of deliveries can be provided via newsletter to your users.

9. CSR

When you let your customers be a part of your stories through their purchases, it is effective to highlight the impact they are creating. First, inform your network what efforts you are making for social welfare via newsletters.

For instance, P&G in their thank you email, sent to a candidate after an online job assessment, informs that they have donated some gallons of pure water to the poor kids on behalf of that candidate’s response.

10. Share Relevant Articles

You can enhance the quality of your newsletter by providing links to other relevant articles present on your website. It will help to boost your customer engagement and drive traffic to your website.

11. Footer Signature

The impact you want to create through your brand logo Cn be enhanced by adding your brand signature in the footer. Moreover, to add a variety in visuals, you can use a symbol version of your logo in the footer as a signature if you have used the wordmark at the beginning or vice versa.

12. Footer Color

You can match your header and footer colors or opt for making it neutral like other brands. However, it is recommended to add color to the footer items to show the brand’s individuality and uniqueness. It also enhances your newsletter’s appearance.

13. Footer Links

You can use the footer to provide links to other communication channels like social media. It will allow your customers to easily reach out to you, which will increase your engagement with the customers and strengthen your online presence.

14. Responsive Design And Option To Unsubscribe

Your newsletters should be responsive -meaning it must be accessible on every device. This shows your dedication and consideration towards your subscribers and the service you provide them with. Moreover, your newsletter must provide a way out to the readers. Thus, if they want to opt-out or unsubscribe, they should not have to Google ways to unsubscribe or go through a lengthy unsubscription process. Instead, they must be able to easily locate an unsubscribe button.

Wrapping Up!

Newsletters are a great way to keep your subscribers hooked to your brand. Their ultimate goal is to generate more opens and clicks, which cannot be achieved unless the newsletter is designed. Thus, by acquiring the ideas mentioned in this article you can formulate your newsletter in such a way that will lift your engagement rates.

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