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12 Ways To Increase Interactivity In Your Emails

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06 Jan 2021

Email interactivity has been a center of discussion among email marketers for many years because interactive email is an incredible way of boosting marketing campaign. It can be a little difficult to do so as email marketing gets more competitive.

These days the subscribers have their inbox filled with emails therefore, they spend around 8 seconds on an email. During those 8 seconds, the subscribers decide whether to respond to your email or move to the next email. Almost every marketing email goes through this or similar procedure.

8 seconds pass in a blink of an eye and it’s surely a very tough cut-off time to convince your subscribers to not just keep reading your emails but also to respond to it. Therefore, your job as an email marketer gets even more crucial to make your emails as interesting as possible so that your subscribers spend more time on your emails. This increased time spent on your emails can potentially be used in converting your subscribers into your customers.

The recent studies of email marketing show that the majority of mail users preferred to respond to the interactive mails rather than static emails.

Interactivity in Emails

With the increased practices of using CSS with HTML emails, email marketing has been seeing the growing scope for animation used in emails. With the help of keyframe animation, any element from an email such as icons, headings, or images can now be moved. Keyframe animation makes it possible to expand, reduce, flip or tumble, etc. any element from email content, making an email more interesting. Thus, resulting in higher rates of email interactivity.

How To Increase Interactivity In Your Emails?

Today, we have brought you the 12 ways to increase interactivity in your emails. These are the best practices and interactive email elements that are being widely used by many brands to make their emails do wonders. Let’s look into what way will work for you.

1. Real-Time Marketing

Real-time marketing comprises of up-to-date market trends and events that can get you additional sales opportunities through your subscribers. Real-time marketing attracts subscribers to take any action based on a certain email interaction. You can apply this practice to your email marketing strategy if you feel they are getting boring.

By providing a variety of options to take action based on real-time interactive data, you can get more email interaction. You can also provide your subscribers with an option to make changes to their responses. For example: use a, “Click here to add other response” button in your email to allow your subscribers to share any response they want to.

2. Polls, Surveys, And Reviews

Polls and surveys are great for increasing email interactivity. You can use polls and surveys as part of your customer care service. Do not send links to a poll to your subscriber as it takes a little more effort which might bore your subscribers midway.

What you can do is add interactive surveys in your emails. It saves your subscribers from opening multiple links. On the other hand, you will not only get hold of your subscriber’s important feedback but also a boost in your email engagement.

3. Add Unique Features

Human beings are naturally curious. They try new things out of curiosity. You can use this element of human nature to your advantage and get more clicks. How?

With the use of new, interesting, and interactive content in your emails, you can attract your subscribers to click on your emails.

Here’s what you can do.

For example, you are using CBT Mass Email Sender to send an email to your subscriber, telling them about a great discount you are offering on your products or services. To make this email interesting you can use email features like:

Through these interactive features, you can get your subscribers engaged in your email.

4. Add Menus

Adding interactive menus in your emails can boost your click-through rates. It also helps in generating traffic for your emails. These interactive menus have navigation options for subscribers that work in a similar way as the menus on the websites.

These menus are also user-friendly as your subscribers won’t have to scroll down long paragraphs to find something of their interest, instead, they can simply click on the menu and choose the section they want to jump to.

5. Use Accordions

Accordions are a type of menu, comprising of lots of information into a small space. You can also get your customized accordions as per your email layout. Accordions make it easier for your subscriber to access your content with the minimum need for scrolling.

6. Add Videos

You can add videos in your marketing emails to attract your subscribers. An informative video about your brand or news about its related industry can also increase your email engagement rates. With the use of a “how-to” instructional video, you can also develop the interest of your subscribers in your products or services.

Instead of sending your subscribers a link to these videos, it’s better to incorporate a video directly in your email. It’s more convenient as all your subscribers will need to do is click ‘play’. Therefore, adding videos to your email can result in increased interactivity with your subscribers.

7. Add GIFs

Another simple but effective way of increasing email interactivity is to add GIFs (graphics interchange format) in your emails. They are easy to add and quite interesting to the readers. Moreover, they effectively grab customer’s attention which improves interactivity and engagement.

8. Personalization

Personalizing your emails for your subscribers is an effective way to increase interactivity in your emails. You can try:

9. Use Live Shopping Carts

It is one step ahead of the last feature. Instead of sending a reminder to your subscribers, email them something encouraging that will motivate them to place their order. You can incorporate a live shopping cart. This will allow your subscribers to shop from within the email.

10. ‘Add to Calendar’ Option

‘Add to Calendar’ option will increase your click-through rates. This option is effective when you’re informing your subscribers about an event, or upcoming sale. It seems simple but works very efficiently to increase email interactivity because if your subscriber finds that event interesting and doesn’t want to miss it, they will add it to their calendar.

11. Use Interactive Photos

Other than videos and GIFs, you can also use photos in our emails. With the interactive features, you can make the photos interesting so that it increases user engagement.

Moreover, you can ask a question in your email, for example, what’s your favorite product? And add related photos and ask your subscribers to click on one of their choices.

12. Encourage Discussion

Forums or message boards are a great source for starting up a discussion among the community members. If you have one of these forums on your website then you can invite your subscribers to be a part of these discussions. Sending an interactive invitation to these forums can also help drive traffic to your website.


High email interactivity and engagement are the essentials of successful email marketing. However, achieving them in a way to stand out among others is extremely challenging. Our 12 ways of increasing email interactivity will help you through this daunting process to help you achieve the most desirable outcomes. If you don’t want to be left behind in the world of email marketing, you need to try these new marketing strategies.

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