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11 Things to Include in Your Email Footer

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07 Jan 2021

When it comes to email marketing, it requires strategic planning. Being a marketer your entire focus is on the body of the email or the message that you want to send out. You might craft a perfect looking email that comprises of images and other helpful material for your potential clientele, but most of the time, you’re lacking an email footer.

An email footer plays a crucial role in sending out the right message. The email footer refers to the ending part of your email, and it essentially provides your readers with an ending keynote.

Email Footer: Introduction

The email footer is the ending part of an email. It is also referred to as an email signature, right where you wish your regards followed by your name and vital information. But it isn’t only limited to a signature and can include other elements that are critical to your readers.

Although these serve to be some of the most common footer entries, there are several others known to improve user engagement. Scroll down to learn more.

11 Things to Include in your Email Footer

For enhanced engagement rates and better click-through rates, here are 11 effective things to add in your email footer.

1. Legal Information

Legal information might include your business organization’s address along with the P.O Box number of the area. Besides, it can include the copyright, security policies, terms, and conditions, associated with your business.

Furthermore, it adds authenticity to your emails and enables your potential clientele to trust your business.

2. Option To Unsubscribe

The success of your email marketing campaign solely relies on your mailing list or your subscriber list. You can provide your clients with an option to unsubscribe from your services (In the email footer) rather than reporting you as spam. It saves your reputation, leaving a positive impact on your customers.

Furthermore, it proves the authenticity of your business. Besides, it also helps scrub your email list by removing the people that aren’t interested in your content.

3. Social Proof

While you might be referencing your social proof in the email body, but to further make your email engaging, you can include customer reviews and related stats in the email footer as well. It builds a level of trust with your potential clientele.

For instance, adding stats such as “4.5 stars, based on 89,000 reviews” save your readers from buyer’s remorse and affects their purchase decisions. It encourages more purchases and can lead to a drastic improvement in your overall click-through rates.

4. Link to Social Profiles

Social media presence plays a vital role in improving sales and generating leads. Adding your social media profiles in the email footer will let your subscribers easily reach out to you and learn more about your fan following. Over 89% of people tend to buy from brands that they’re following on social media.

5. Other Contact Options

Although adding links to social media gives your customers an easy way to reach out to you, you can also add your contact number and even address if required. It will especially be helpful for customers who are not much active on the internet let alone social media, which usually includes aged users. It can also be helpful for businesses looking for your service urgently and cannot afford to wait for an email response.

6. A Thank You Note

Every one of us likes a thank you note. To improve your B2C relationship, you can express your gratitude in the email footer. Small things like these encourage your clients to make positive purchase decisions, resulting in a boost in your engagement rates and online reputation.

7. Business Goal and Values

To promote healthy relationships with your client, you can add your business goals, values, or a tagline in the email footer. This reminds your clients of what your business is all about and why they are associated with you in the first place, which encourages them to maintain a lasting bond with you.

8. Website Link

A link to your website or blog in the email footer increases client engagementby providing them with relevant content as per your services. It also gives them a chance to easily check out your website which they might have forgotten to do so.

Adding links in the footer is always a good idea, considering that they stand out in the email body since they’re highlighted and are often written in blue compared to the black text used in the body. Moreover, adding a website strengthens your brand identity and builds customer trust.

9. A Whitelisting Request

You can add statements like “Add us to your address book” in the email footer as a request to your clients to whitelist you. Once they add you to their contact or address book, the ISPs identify you as an authorized sender which significantly improves your email deliverability by reducing your chances of ending up in the receiver’s spam box.

10.A Link To Your App

Over 42% of users prefer using a shopping application. To assist your potential clientele, you can attach a download link to your app in the email footer. It improves the chances of your clients in the future. Furthermore, it enables them to communicate with you and make use of your services via an application, which often provides instant assistance.


Referrals allow your business to grow by creating a networking cycle. They provide you with more leads that you could turn into potential clients. You can add something like “Like our exclusive designs? Please refer us to more creative minds in your circle”.


Email footers –an effective engagement booster, is often neglected by marketers. However, it holds significant benefits that can increase sales and turn your prospects into loyal customers. Furthermore, it includes vital information about your business that can help your clients make a favorable decision regarding your brand. It also allows your business to grow using referrals. Maintaining email footers is much more efficient with CBT Mass Email Sender which does an amazing job in suggesting you the right features to add to the footer.

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